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The Twentieth Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of the Mists

April 12, 1986 (AS XX)

From The Page (March, 1986):

All good gentles of the Mists are invited to attend Coronet, Saturday, April 12, at Ed Levin Park, Sandy Wool Lake Area. The site will open at 9 a.m., the lists will open at 10 a.m. and close at noon. There will be a revel that evening, starting at 6 p.m. at Rancho Jr. High in Milpitas to finish off the days activities.

The site fee is $2 per person, plus a $2 park fee per car paid directly to the Park Rangers at the entrance to the park. Car pooling is recommended.

The revel site is dry, however the tourney site is not. Directions and a map will appear in next month's Page.

For information, contact the autocrats; Oriana Dreamweaver (phone omitted) before 10 p.m.

From The Page (April, 1986):

Be among the first to know the names of the next Prince and Princess of the Mists. Come to the Mists spring Coronet, Saturday April 12 at Ed Levin Park, Sandy Wool Lake Area, in the rolling green hills of Southern Shores.

The tournament will open at 9 a.m. and the park wil charge $2 per car to get in, so car-pooling is recommended.

A $3 per person site fee (for anyone over 12 years old) will be charged. This fee will help defray the cost of both the tourney and revel sites. The tourney site is wet, the revel site is not.

The Silver Spoon competition for the day will be dairy dishes. Principality children will be making paper mache puppets. A note to parents; there is a lake near the site. Watch your children.

A raffle to benefit the Province of Southern Shores Pavilion Fund will be held. Among the many enticing raffle items to be given away will be a hand crafted candle lantern and a hand crafted tourney box. Tickets are 3 for $1 and may be purchased, in advance, at Southern Shores Monday gatherines and at the raffle table the day of the event. Winners will be drawn at the event.

All are invited to the revel at the end of the day at Rancho School in Milpitas. Join us for dancing and general merriment. Hagar the black will lead court dancing and Siobhan of Cloverdell will entertain all with belly dancing.

Gentles are invited to bring their banners, candles and table gear to help turn the school auditorium into a medieval great hall. No kitchen facilities are available.

THE REVEL SITE IS ABSOLUTELY DRY. California state law stipulates that no alcohol may be brought on to school grounds. A school district employee will be in attendance. If this law is broken, we will be asked to leave. The autocrats thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If there are any questions or directions or information needed call the autocrats; Oriana Dreamweaver (phone omitted) or Ambrosia de Andalucia (phone omitted).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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