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The Twentieth Year

Lord Defender Tournament -- Far West

October 19, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (October, 1985):

There is to be a grand affair in the land of the Blue Mists. On the 19th of the balmy month of October the shire will assemble to witness the battle for the Lord Defender of the Far West. There will be bashing and thrashing to rival Armaggedon, for it is well known that the competitors are fierce warriors. The fiercest will be proclaimed Lord Defender at a feast to follow. Drink will flow and all will be fed and then all shall dance under the full moon.

Gather thy banners and thy dancing shoes and join us, one and all.

From The Page (December, 1985):

For those who wished to attend the Far West Lord Defender Tourney, but could not fit the trek into your schedule; please accept this summary.

On the Isle of the Blue Mists, the 19th day of October, A.S. XX, the first Lord Defender Tourney of the Far West was held (and it did not rain! -- as it has for every tourney on the Isle). The position of Lord Defender is the Champion of the protectorate of the Far West. S/He will defend with his/her might the just cause of the Far West should it ever be dishonored or defamed. In token of the honor of this position, th eLord Defender will receive the respect due the Premiere Fighter of the protectorete. This tourney rotates throughout the Far West giving all the chance to win honors for their consorts. The victor of this tourney holds the position for four months. Because the Isle of the Blue Mists was to also decide a Shire Champion this month, the decision was made to combine the two tourneys into one. The last member of the Isle of the Blue Mist to be eliminated in the double elimination tourney would be the best representative for the Shire Champion. Marie del Estrela autocratted the tourney and victory feast which followed, and being her first, was equal to any principality feast consisting of three removes and a dessert remove complete with soteltie. She even petitioned FEN (Far East Network -- the Armed Forces Network) to do news coverage of the event. The results of the coverage was a series report on the S.C.A in Okinawa, Japan. Kadena High School students attended the event as a requirement to improve their grades in history. Marie arranged the faculty support with Kadena High School.

Nine authorized fighters entered the lists to win the honor of Lord Defender for their consorts. The whole tourney and feast was video recorded (thanks to Tavis Bearman and Rebecca Solomon). Many deeds of valor, courage and prowess were demonstrated upon the Field of Honor, but I shall speak on the closing bouts of the tourney. In the semi-final rounds Sillan Gareth and Tarlax fought for the position of Isle of the Blue Mists Champion. From a prolonged and most chivalrous battle Sillan Gareth gained the victory. Tarlax was invited to Sillan Gareth's table, following that match, for refreshment and repose. The final bout for teh day would be Sillan Gareth and Vulgar. In five seconds, Sillan Gareth was performing a most dramatic death, proclaiming loudly (as any good herald would) Vulgar's victory. Vulgar won the First Far West Lord Defender Tourney. After the squeals of delight and remorse had settled from the rabble, Vulgar approached the Blue Mist with a sad tale. In view of the fact that he would not have sufficient time in th Far West to fulfill his obligation as the Far West Defender, he pleaded that the decision be rescinded, and in place of himself Sillan Gareth be made Lord Defender of the Far West. Upon hearing this, Sillan Gareth immediately petitioned the Seneschal in Tarlax's behalf to allow him to become Shire Champion. This set of proposals were well received and approved by all. Sillan Gareth would assume the position of Far West Defender and complete the term of that position; Tarlax would assume the position of Champion of the Blue Mists and complete the term of office.

That evening at the victory feast, Vulgar was presented the scroll and shield in token of his victory, and Tarlax was presented the regalia of Shire Champion. Marie del Estrella and Tiene Faol were presented the Order of the Coral for teh self-sacrifice and support given the Isle of the Blue Mists. Rolo was presented the Order of the Empty Shell for his support and participation in the activities of the Far West. (The O.E.S. is a token of remembrance to all who have lived in the Far West and must travel to a new S.C.A. home. It is equivalent to the Order of the PCS in Drachenwald.) Sillan Gareth was awarded the Order of Grace and Chivalry and the honor of completing the position of Lord Defender of the Far West first.

The climax to the evening's festivities was the announcement of an S.C.A. wedding in December followed by a real ceremony.

In all the event will live long in the hearts and minds of all who attended the event held at Kadena Air Base High School Athletic Field and Cafeteria.

(This event chronicle was authored by anonymous.)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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