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The Twentieth Year

Cynagua Investiture

July 20, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (May, 1985):

The Silver Desert is pleased to announce that the Cynagua Summer Investiture will include a feast. The entire menu is not set at this time, but it will feature a variety of items, including cockatrice, grilled sausages, pies, breads, etc. We will only be able to serve about 50 people, so please plan on getting your tickets early.

A limited number of entertainers are needed and will receive a discount on the ticket for their services.

Tickets are $8.50 per person, and may be purchased from Mireille de Ferrier (contact info omitted).

From The Page (June, 1985):

Escape from the heat of summer and help celebrate the ascension of Cynagua's new prince and princess in the cool heights of Silver Desert. On July 20th and 21st, the Province of Silver Desert will host Cynagua's Twelfth Investiture at Horseman's Park. There will also be a feast and fevel that night at the park clubhouse. (For those foolish few who do not wish to partake of a most sumptuous repast prepared by Mireille de Ferrier, restaurant maps will be provided.) Come enjoy the pleasant weather and star-filled night Saturday and then stay to be educated on Sunday. Sleeping arrangements are available as well as motel listings. (Camping is not allowed in the park.) The park is DRY!! Park officials will be checking to see that the no-alcohol regulation is enforced. However, the hall is wet. If you absolutely must have alcohol during the day, please please be discreet and hide your containers very well.

For those who wish to be illuminated on the subjects of:
     -- a survey of Elizabethan costuming;
     -- overview of fabrics, what's good, OK, bad, and period;
     -- garb help session - bring your problem garb (Ritchenda de Chalfont);
     -- a beginning course in heraldry for non-heralds (or how to use your local resources for names and devices) - Ceridwen MacAoudhegain;
     -- setting up a scroll (Ambrose of Barduin);
     -- building a pavilion (Siobhan ni Seaghdha);
     -- headdresses (Mireille de Ferrier)
these classes will be held on Sunday at the same site as the tourney. Classes should begin at the civilized hour of 10 am and will hopefully be concluded no later than 3:00 in the afternoon. The field will be open for fighting and whatever martial or otherwise diversions entertained by the populace.

To get to the SITE: (directions omitted)

SITE AUTOCRATS: Ceridwen MacAoudhegain (contact info omitted) and Aiobheann O'Ceallaigh (contact info omitted).

Classes: See Ceridwen.

Feast: Mireille de Ferrier (contact info omitted).

Colin Dearg
(aka Colin de Bray)

Or, a pithon nowed bendwise gules
within a bordure indented compony
vert and gules.
Ceridwen MacAoudhegain
Per chevron throughout gules and Or,
a wolf sejant, head raised, sable
and in canton a mullet of four points Or.
Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

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"Having co-Autocrated the Coronet Tournament, Ceridwen MacAodhegain now co-Autocrated her own Investiture.  We borrowed horses and rode into Court for our Investiture procession.  We had an interminable wait while the King & Queen conducted some business - it probably wasn't all that long, but bored horses really make time drag!  Sir Michael Hugh Stuarts was my groomsman, and my horse kept rubbing his head against Michael's tunic... after first chewing a mouthful of grass... so by the time we processed, Mike had this huge green stripe on his back.  Keegan was in a huge velveteen German-oid gown, which made getting her on and off that horse quite a bit more effort.  She looked great up there, though!" -- Colin de Bray

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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