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The Second Year

First KPFA Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Live Chess Game
October 14, 1967

Held at the first KPFA Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Marin County, California. Siegfried von Hoflichskeit was the autocrat. A live chess game was put on to raise money for the Society. Fighters were used in place of pieces on a large outdoor playing board marked on the ground. A piece captured by defeating the other piece in armed combat. Sometimes a capture did not succeed, making for an interesting game. The Society made a fair amount of money off it. Sometime afterwards Kerry the Rock became Assistant Editor of T.I. The arms of the Society were chosen: Or, a laurel wreath proper.

“I never heard that the SCA was raising money by it. Perhaps the Faire paid us something to do it, or more likely let us sell memberships & various goods at our booth for free. Anyway, they let us in free, and let us play, entertaining folks with demos, bridge fights, and the Chess Game. The latter was a competition between the SCA and the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society. (Actually LASFS plus SCA Marin members, vs SCA East Bay & SF.)” – Robert of Dunharrow

“Randall Garrett was the Sherrif of Nottingham (at either Northern Fair #I or #II, I’m not sure which – probably the first #I.” – Henrik of Havn

“No, Randall started being sheriff (which he continued for a couple of years, at the second RenFaire. The sheriff at the first one was the owner of the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. He essentially was bemused at all of these kids in costume who were chasing other kids in costume in his name. He preferred to spend his duty hours in the beer gardens. This is one of the reasons Randall replaced him the second year.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who is glad to see some other voices being heard.
“I wasn’t at the first northern faire, but I was definitely at the second as one of Randall’s ‘Sheriff’s Men’. We wore black and our badge was Or, a Boar’s Head Erased (I wondered at the time if Randall had been reading Kipling).
“I recall one episode when I and my cohorts were pursuing Robin Hood (played at least one season by Jon DeCles) through the crowd at the main stage when I was clothes-lined by an enthusiastic member of the audience who grabbed my cloak - don’t try this at home kids! The Lord Mayor was played by Scott Beach and when he and Randal got going back stage the puns got so thick on the ground that the rest of us were grateful to be wearing boots.” – Kevin Peregrynne, who is gaining confidence in his memory at last
“In any event the repartee between Scott Beach as Mayor and Randall as Sheriff was great, and added much fun to the faire.” – James Greyhelm
“Jon de Cles was Robin Hood at RenFaires 1-4 (1967-1970). His men (& women) were all SCA. I was one of them at 2nd Faire, then formed the Queens’s Guard at the 3rd, again with SCA people, and was its Captain for 12 years, through 1980. Randall was Sheriff at Faires 2-4, with his people all SCA too. (They wore black, with the boar’s head badge. The Black Panthers had popularized the derogatory term, Pigs, for police, and Randall couldn’t resist playing on it for the Sheriff’s badge.) We also did Live Chess games at Faires 1-4 (all those at the old site near San Rafael [Now back meadow at China Camp State Park – Henrik]). I ran the 2nd one. I believe Henrik & Siegfried were Sheriff’s men. Rick Schrorrs (sp?) Aka Frederic of the WestTower was Will Scarlett and defeated Henrik in a combat on a bridge as champions for each side. It was decided by the present Chivalry & King of the West to knight Rick, and if my memory serves, it was done on the Faire’s stage. (Anyone else recall that?)” – Robert of Dunharrow
“That sounds familiar to me too. I have a black satin shirt that pre-dates the Ren Fairs and I recall wearing it then as a Sheriff’s man.” – Henrik of Havn
“We were a foppish group for a bunch of thugs ... my tunic was satin too with a mid-length velveteen cloak.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“Pavilions: By First No. RenFaire, Henrik had dyed his round pavilion green. It made a great impression on me as I was joining the SCA and asking everyone a million questions. I believe it was a year and a half later, in March of III, that any other pavilion showed up. There were 4 or 5 new ones there, because we were getting ready for the first overnight event in May IV, a couple of months later. It was one thing to sit on a blanket for a few hours, but quite another to spend a whole weekend without shelter. I believe Marynel made the first Royal Pavilion at that time and her father built the framework for it. All of us who helped pay for the material had our arms on the front dags. The pavilion was dyed yellow, but the strips of left over fabric were dyed red and fastened round the field with little wire pins, and named "Eric" because they were Red! Before that, the rope and garden stakes mentioned earlier marked the field. (I hauled them around, along with the helms, shields & weapons, from Ren Faire I until Eric was created. (Eric rolled up small & didn't need a truck, so someone else carried it around. Probably it traveled with the Royal Pavilion.)” – Robert of Dunharrow

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