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The Nineteenth Year

Anniversary Banquet -- Windy Meads
December 15, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (December, 1984):

The Shire of WINDY MEADS wishes to welcome all to our ANNIVERSARY BANQUET to be held December 15th. The dinner will be potluck, so bring your specialty dish along with your recipe. Also, bring candles and banners to decorate the hall.

We are planning dancing, merrymaking, and reveling in the Ancient Allyshian Traditions. The various contests will include aggresive gurning, Celtic boasting, and a special surprise contest for those with a taste for the bizarre. Prizes will also vary, including jewelry from S.C. Brown Co., one year's membership in the SCA, two year's subscription to the Vox Cynaguae, a gift certificate from MacKenzie-Smith Armory, drawings by Patrice Moriarity, and much, much more!
[ed. note -- for samples of Patrice's excellent work, see the November 83 and August 84 PAGE covers.]

"THAT OLD RAG?" CONTEST: This-is-the-clean-out-your-closets-everyone-who-has-lost-weight- gained-weight-grown-taller-gotten-shorter-or-changed-your-hair-color-GOLD-KEY-CONTEST!

The Shire of Windy Meads has discovered its costume bank to be as empty as its Piggy Bank. So, we are holding a costume contest! The idea is that all entrise will become the property of the Windy Meads Gold Key, and you will have more closet space or space for new material for your sewing chest.

There will be two categories: New Costumes and Used Costumes. They will have mostly similar judging criteria, but with different emphasis. There will be a prize for the best in each category.

Points will be given for the following criteria (not necessarily equally): NEW - should be attractive (no one wants to wear a sack!); durable, washaable, not too complex to get into or out of, be able to fit a range of two to three sizes. PREVIOUSLY WORN - (used) again, attractive, durable, and washable; and in addition, clean and in reasonably good condition (we were just kidding when we said "rag").

There will be a special prize to the person who donates the most costumes to either, both, or neither categories. That is, if someone is generous enough to donate costumes without entering the contest, we are very appreciative.

All this and more will be happening at the Dixon Mayfair Grounds in Dixon. The doors open at 5pm and we are asking a $2 donation to cover fees. For more information, contact Freydis Tollefsdottir (contact info omitted).

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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