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The Nineteenth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation
January 5, 1985

From The Page (December, 1984):


TWELFTH NIGHT in the Kingdom of the West will be January 5 in the Shire of Esfenn. The site is Centenial Hall, (address), Hayward, CA. The hall will open to the populace at 10am.


ALL KNIGHTS, LAURELS, AND PELICANS, pay heed! Their Majesties James and Verena would have you know there will be early-morning Peerage meetings before First Court.

TICKET prices: September 15 to November 15, $6.50. November 15 to December 15, $7.50. All requests mailed after December 15 will be at the door charge of $8.50, and will be held at the door. All juniors (6-12), $4.00. Children 5 and under are free. Please use the ticket order form and be sure to include an SASE with your check or money order made out to:

12th Night Fund, Kingdom of the West, SCA Inc. DO NOT send cash! A list of local restaurants and motels will be sent to you with your tickets. Royalty will be sent tickets. If you are Royalty from beyond the West and plan to attend, please contact the autocrat for your tickets and other arrangements.

MERCHANTS: There will be limited space available for merchants. The site fee is $15 and MUST be reserved in advance. The deadline for display space and certification is Nov. 30. Merchant's fees will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

BE IT KNOWN: There will be no kitchen facilities. We suggest that if you potluck, you plan accordingly. Please do not expect to use any of the electrical outlets that may be on the premises.

Due to the city of Hayward's fire-marshal regulations, we will not be able to display open flame candles unless they are surrounded by glass with a two-inch clearance between the top of the glass and the open flame. Candle lanterns are acceptable.

BANNERS: The 12th Night Committee would like to hang banners from the ceiling this year but we need your help. In December we will be actively requesting the loan of your banner. If you would like to lend your personal banner, please contact the following:

Northern Mists: Anulan Trelaine (phone). Central Mists: Benedict the Bountiful (phone). Southern Mists: Theodrik of Skane (phone). Cynagua: Anne Fawnhaven. If there is anyone who would accept the responsibility for collectiing banners in his or her area AND ensure that they reached the autocrat before Friday, January 4, please contact the autocrat.

ARTS and SCIENCES will have a display. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact the Ministers of Arts and Sciences.

FEASTING: This year we have the entire building for our festivities. (No Mexican wedding in the back room.) In addition to feasting in the main hall, there will be two side rooms set up for feasting. Each room will have its own distinctive character. Please remember there is NO reserved seating, and gentles attempting to hold large areas will be strongly discouraged.

ENTERTAINMENT: We have terrific entertainment this year, being handled by Anne Fawnhaven. Dancers, singers, musicians, jugglers, and jesters, plus a new group of thespians will perform for our amusement.

In addition, the small but exotic Moorish Kasbah will be open to the populace. All are invited to participate: dance, sing, play musical instruments. Music will be provided for dancing. Belly dancers are encouraged to perform -- just show up and DO IT!

Anyone with questions, please call the AUTOCRAT, Siranna of Hawthorn Hall, (contact info omitted).

The COLLEGE OF EQUESTRIAN ARTS will meet at 12th Night. This will be a short meeting, no longer than one hour at most. Everyone interested in horses and the equestrian arts in the Kingdom of the West is invited. We'll be dsicussing plans for 1985 events (the last season before the 20 Year Celebration) and plans for equestrian tourneys, practice meets, costume trailr ides, workshops, etc. What would you like to see happen this year? Come and let us know! We'll probably meet at 1pm, in order to finish in time for Coronation. Look for signs with the exact meeting time and place.


The College of Equestrian Arts will be selling tea, coffee, juice, mulled cider, cookies, and other sweets during Twelfth Night. Look for us in the lobby area! Prices are reasonable and the goodies are great! Donations of baked goods and offers to help run the booth very gratefully accepted -- please contact Cliveden de Cheux (phone). And, horse lovers everywhere, come by and talk to us! We're of necessity somewhat limited in our ability to get out and talk to friends, so come by and cheer oru hours with your news!


All Chroniclers at all levels, former, present and -to-be, are invited, nay urged, to come help the Chronicler of the West consume a goodly supply of liquid provided by the Ink-Stained Wretch himself. Reliable rumor has it that the gathering will be enhanced by the presence of the new National Chronicler, his Faithful Clerical Companion Sister Guineth the White, and one of the new co-Chroniclers of An Tir, Antadina Exeter du Nordlac. Commingle and Commiserate.

If reassurance be needed, let it be known that Mean Old Curm cometh not to revels.


These will include games, stories, songs, dances, and much more. There will even be special entertainers just for the kids. Please check the schedule by the ticket table for a full list of activities and times.

A reminder to parents: This site is not to have unsponsored children running about. Due to the number of people expected, all youngsters under ten must be supervised at all times. If you don't want to be responsible for your children, please leave them at home.

Directions: (omitted)


The Twelfth Night dance competition will consist of a pavane-and-galliard set.

Congratulations to Dierdre de Gildelyn, who was inducted into the order after her victory in the Bransle de Guerre competition at October Crown.

Radnor of Guildemar
Ermine, a sword inverted Or,
overall a hawk displayed, all
within a bordure dovetailed gules.
Grün der Spitzenklöppler
(aka Juana Isabella de
Montoya y Ramirez)

Barry engrailed Or and vert, a
cartouche pointed in chief and
base counterchanged.
Arms of Radnor drawn by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm
Arms of Grün drawn by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

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"This was my first ever central-Kingdom SCA event. I was living in Oertha (Alaska) and heavily involved (I had been made a Laurel two years earlier), and so on. However, among other things, had never made myself a Laurel medallion. I had made medallions for others (I was laurelled for Jewelry making), but for some reason I never got around to making myself one. But I felt it would be weird for a jewelry laurel to be wearing a commercial medallion, and made one for myself.

"The big problem for me at this event is that while I knew a few people there, most of them were on court, or involved in court, or the activities for the event. It meant that I was a bit overwhelmed, and had little to do (a rarity for me).

"I believe this is the event when the Kingdom Laurel and Pelican cloaks debuted. A nice (but long) ceremony was held for both orders, in which all members of the Order (in attendance) were lined up in sequence of being made a member of the Order, and the cloaks were placed briefly on the shoulders of each, adding the "lineage" to the cloaks. I got to meet the two others who were laureled at the same Twelfth Night I was two years earlier (since I wasn't at that event), Eric Foxworthy and Macsen Fidelis. I didn't get to really talk to them much, and I felt like a country bumpkin in some ways, but there you are ...

"I remember a few very amusing things about the event, however. After the Coronation of Radnor and Grün, and during Their first court, Geoffrey of Griffinhold wanted to make a presentation. His Majesty paused for a moment, after the herald mentioned it, and said "No". So Geoffrey and his crew sat back down. This wasn't easy, as they had a HUGE tray full of "stuff". Awhile later in court, the fact that Viscount Sir Geoffrey of Griffinhold still had a presentation was made known to His Majesty, who once again paused, and said "No".

"Finally, when the herald changed tactics and announced that the Barony of Vinhold had a presentation, His Majesty allowed Geoffrey and company to come forward. They did so, and presented His Majesty with a reminder of the fact that he had moved to the West from Hawaii -- and came forward with bottles of Pineapple Wine, and a lot of other things of a very Hawaiian feel. His Majesty looked at some of them and said something like "I grew up there, and never saw some of this!"

"The picking on His Majesty for his Hawaiian background would continue through the reign, as it turns out (and still happens if Radnor is on the Throne, but to a much lesser degree these days).

"After court, a presentation of a new dance was made for His Majesty by his friends in the Westermark, a pavanne to the tune of Tiny Bubbles, led by Wombat McWombat, among others. The "key is in the hand gestures" was an important phrase while we all learned the dance.

"After that was over, the Pied d'Argent dance competition was happening. The dance was one I didn't know, so I didn't even try to dance. However, Countess Andrea of Clearmont (a very silly woman, if you've ever met her), who remembered me from her visit to Oertha when she was queen, asked if I'd enter the contest with her. I said that I didn't know the dance, and she said she didn't either, and we'd just have fun. So, what the heck? We went out and danced. And attacked other couples, dancing between them. It was silly. The surprise? After we had our big laugh, we were called back as finalists (there were at least two other couples, I'm sure). Huh? We weren't even close to the dance steps or anything ... but we danced again. Why not? It was all about having fun. I found out later that the judges were torn by the fact that we were having fun, and that's what dancing was supposed to be about, but we were so far from doing it "right". We didn't win, which is probably just as well, but it was pretty silly.

"I also remember that since a bunch of Oerthans were all there, we were all dancing, and because we had learned most of these dances on our own (while we had the steps and the music, we learned them differently from how they were being danced in the central part of the Kingdom), and kept ruining the rhythm for the lines for some of the dances. We eventually formed our own lines and danced by ourselves. That was weird.

"That's about all I remember about the event, but at least it was fun." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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