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The Nineteenth Year

Annual Tourney -- Sunset Shire
August 18, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (August, 1984):

Sunset Shire will hold its ANNUAL TOURNEY, at the usual hilltop (see map) on August 18, XIX. With the help of our good friends of Cairn Dhuin we are planning a day of fun and games for all and all ages, as well as most society persuasions.

Come to the Coast and get a taste for a day of what you may expect in weather at Purgatorio!

For any fighters who are unable to join His Majesty at Pennsic and wish to get a taste of summer coastal weather, we plan to choose a Champion in a five-kill melee. We intend to use a variation of the multiple weapons requirement for which we have become infamous somewhat known, so all fighters are requested to bring their full assortment of weapons. If you have any spares that could be used as loaners, we would be most thankful. To add to the fun we also plan a treasure hunt, using teams with fighters and non-fighters working together (yes, potential safety problems have been discussed with, and our plans approved by, the Earl Marshal). Cairn Dhuin is sponsoring an archery and shani scenario, as well as a contest for the best armor for this competition. There will also be games and contests for the children in attendance, as has been our custom.

The site is on private land in Half Moon Bay, and its use is generously donated by the owner. Therefore, no site fee is asked, but the hat will be passed to help us defray those minor expenses that are unavoidable for any event. The owner has said that he has no objections to pets, as long as they are on restraint. Also, there is no water on teh site, so even though we will be bringing in some water, it is best that people bring all that they will need to drink, water included. Finally, the site is known to have ticks, so take necessary care in dress and attention.

Merchants are welcome.

Setup will start at 9am. Opening court (if royalty is present) or gathering (of not) will be at 11am. ror inspection will take place before the start of events requiring its use. We expect the fighting to start about noon. The archery and shani scenario will be after the melee, followed by the treasure hunt. Other contests will be run throughout the day.

A potluck revel will follow at (address omitted). Maps to the revel site will be available at the tourney. This is a non-smoking household.

For further information or assistance, please contact the autocrat, James the Fisher (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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