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The Nineteenth Year

Lord Defender Tournament -- Oertha
July 14-15, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (September, 1984):

LORD DEFENDER, winner of the list of 18, is Shapur Abul-Hassan Hussan, from the shire of Selverigard. LADY OF THE SNOWS is Denise de Moustainoux.

The Queen's Special Favor was given to Sir Kylson Skyfyre as a surprise!

To those members who were most helpful in Service to Us during the event -- a special Royal Favor of Our colors and a Queen's rose:

The "Pages" -- Jonathan of Starfyre (15 years old, full of helpful enthusiasm), Aldwin Longwalker, Alaryn of Ravenoak, and Avaloc the Young (who, amongst other things, went to the store in armor to buy His Majesty's drinkables).

For special service and kindness, a favor in Our colors with a golden ring on it went to the new Principality Herald, Master Hirsch von Henford.

By way of special appreciate and recognition (these people paid our way, fed us, took us sight-seeing, to lunch, to movies, etc.):

Sharane de Kondrack, Kylson Skyfyre, Anne of Bradford, Fyodor the Friendly, and Daniel of Horncroft.

Her Majesty even wound up doing a scroll on Friday night. It was suddenly realized that there weren't any baronial scrolls, and Sharane couldn't be asked to do it, because she was to be the recipient!

(This short chronicle was part of the awards list printed in the September, AS XIX (1984) issue of The Page, and this historian believes it was probably written by Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles, then Queen ... -- Hirsch)

Shapur Abulhassan Hussein
(Lord Defender of Oertha)

(No arms registered)
Denise de Moustainoux
(Lady of the Snows)

(No arms registered)

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"This event was a truly interesting one. The week prior to the event King Ronald and Queen Dierdriana were visiting (I believe Mistress Sharane de Kondrack paid their way, but that's a long and complex issue that we don't need to get into here ...). Among many other things, this was to be the last Lord Defender's Tournament, as in January (when the next one would normally be) Oertha was being made a full-scale Principality of the West Kingdom. We'd been a Crown Principality for some time. I was also living back in Eskalya (Anchorage) having finally graduated college (in Fairbanks/Winter's Gate).

"During the week prior to the event several of us hung out with the King and Queen (between going to work and all that) a lot, to make sure that they didn't get bored. Most of the time it was fun, but somehow I managed to get on King Ronald's bad side (I honestly think it was just a very different set of personalities, because for the life of me, I can't think of anything I said or did that could have upset him ...).

"For the record, the original "Lord Defender of the North" title was created by, and won by members of Selviergard in a local tournament. It got subsumed into a regional title by the Eskalyans, who pretty much dominated the title ever after [this is just fact, and no opinion is being stated here -- I had no problems with the results of the tournies]. The reason I note this is that the victor of the tourney this weekend was Shapur, one of the Selveirgard "trolls", and he was therefore the "Last Lord Defender" ... there was a certain symmetry, and the Selveirgardians noted it and were proud of it. However, Shapur was ... well ... Shapur. A nice guy, but he had issues with authoritarian figures, and that didn't sit well with King Ronald. During the day after the tourney, but before he'd been officially named Lord Defender, Shapur managed to say something that King Ronald didn't like, and when the coronet was placed on Shapur's head, His Majesty removed the "Regency" from the Lord Defender position. This was to have odd consequences a month or two later ... and if you think about it, it would have looked bad to the Selveirgardians -- the first time in many years that one of theirs wins the title and the "Regency" (which was only a couple years old) was removed from the position ...

"For the most part it was a good event. Their Majesties (I think it was His Majesty in particular) declared a bounty on mosquitos (at that time of year they were big, a bit slow moving, but tough little monsters -- it often takes two hits to kill one ...), and they stacked up on a table as people dropped off carcasses. That was a bit odd, but what the hey? It was Oertha.

"This was the event that Eric Bearsbane was knighted, and I heralded the court for that -- this was my first event as the Stellanordica Herald. I was pleased as punch, as Eric was (and is) a good guy, and a lot of fun. There was some fu with Eric's ceremony, because he wanted one of the alternate starts to the ceremony. The problem with the ceremony book at the time was that the alternates were on the same page. Not being real familiar with the ceremonies, I started reading at the top of the page, and managed to blend into the alternate when I realized what I had done. However, His Majesty was very upset with me over this, and felt I had "done this to make Him look bad." Sigh. (Um, to err is human?) Anyway, there was some fu with the Vesper Principal Herald over it that blew over pretty quickly (Vesper was Frederick of Holland at the time, and he was very understanding ...).

"I cannot remember much about Sunday at the event. But all in all, it was a good weekend." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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