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The Nineteenth Year

October Crown Tournament
October 6-7, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (September, 1984):

On October 6 and 7, the Kingdom of the West will meet at Lake San Antonio Park within the Barony of Tarnmist to hold Crown Tournament. All are invited to cheer the chivalrous fighters, take part in the challenging competitions, and enjoy the flush toilets and hot showers.

The site will open at 5pm on Friday. A $2.50 per person site fee is appreciated. AUTOCRAT for October Crown is Kevin Langdom of Cawdor (contact info omitted).

Park rules: 1) All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. 2) No open fires (some fire pits are available on site). 3) No firearms. 4) Alcohol is allowed on site, but only for those 21 and older (the Rangers check on this). 5) On all sales of food or beverages, 10% of gross receipts will be paid to the park. 6) No fee will be charged for the sale of crafts (i.e., jewelry, leather, armor, etc.).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

From The Page (November, 1984):

There's no sure thing, but Radnor is about the closest you can come to it in the SCA. He didn't lose a fight all afternoon. The competition was pretty tough, too: a couple of counts, a countess, four viscounts, a viscountess -- at least those I remember; there might have been more. Make that five viscounts (I won't tell you which one I forgot). Anyhow, it wasn't an easy field.

The final five were Radnor, Lucky, William of Briardust, Leon von Schrecken, and Yaraslav the Persistent (from Caid, I believe). The results conspired against the Listmistress, Ingrid the Fair. Radnor had the bye, Briardust eliminated Lucky, and Yaraslav took out Leon. Radnor had already fought Yaraslov and couldn't have two consecutive byes; thus the only possible pairing was Radnor vs. Briardust. However, this bout was almost meaningless, since both were unbeaten. Regardless of the result, the next fight had to be Briardust vs. Yaraslav (remember, Yaraslav had already fought Radnor), thus giving Radnor his second bye in three rounds. As it turned out, Radnor defeated William, who in turn downed Yaraslav. That put Briardust in the finals for the second time (the first time was about 2 1/2 years ago, against James). But Radnor's arm seemed to reach about three miles above William's head, and you can parry lightning bolts for only so long.

William of Briardust and Jeanette of Briarrose received from Their Majesties the Commendabilis award that traditionally is given to the runner-up in Crown Lists (or as the herald Macsen Fidelis expressed it, the "Clown Lists" -- this was, we were assured, a slip of the tongue, and no imediate execution was held).

At Macsen's urging, the assemblage attempted to reach Lochac with its cheers for the award recipients in that energetic Crown Principality.

Alric of Castleberg was welcomed to the Chivalry as the West's newest and youngest knight. He received a panoply of tradition and history: chain from Hilary (originally from Stephen MacEanruig) and belt from Andrea of Clear Mont (who received it from Lucky), as well as spurs from Ronald Wilmot.

The seneschalate having already taken its toll on Geofffffffry of Grifffffenhold, he received back the Muckin' Great Clubbe on Sunday, for his armored gymnastics and irrational fearlessness on the field of combat.

Somebody else will have to tell you about the rest of Sunday's fun, because I missed it.

(This chronicle was authored by Alan of Ockham)

"This was the Crown where the first of the series of Hawaiian jokes happened to Radnor.

"We had set it up with the Heralds so that Garth of Windhaven would be the first unbelted fighter called to make his challenge of the Chivalry. He, naturally, challenged Radnor.

"When they were called to the field Garth steps out on the field sporting a Hawaiian T-Shirt on over his armor, a smiley face of pineapple slices on his shield, a pineapple slice on either side of his pot helm, and the top half of the fruit on top of his helm.

"Radnor stood there with a look of utter disbelief on his face while Garth beamed at him from inside his helm. Radnor's salute spoke volumes, all of it "You are SO going to die". Garth didn't last long. He was disappointed that Radnor didn't strike the pineapple top off his helm. (He should have known better. Radnor is too good a shot.)" -- Vlasta von der Weissen Sonne

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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