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The Nineteenth Year

Mists Investiture
November 17, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (November, 1984):

Congratulations to Sir Stephen of Beckenham and Mistress Sariya al Mus'ad (formerly Brighid ni Roane), the new Lord and Lady of the Mists. Their Investiture will be on Saturday, November 17, AS XIX, at Veteran's Memorial Hall in Livermore. The theme of the event will be mid-eastern, so it is requested that all wear appropriate garb if possible. The (tentative) schedule is as follows:

(schedule omitted)

In addition, there will be a game room, and much room for dancing. There will be a site fee of $3 per person, to cover the cost of the hall. For further information, or anyone wishing space to sell things, contact the AUTOCRATS: Ava Trudine of Tregoenning or Hagar the Black (contact info omitted). (Note that this is a change from the October PAGE.)

Directions: (omitted)

At the request of Their Highnesses, Thomas & Trista, there will be a banquet at Fall Investiture. The theme is Middle Eastern. Cost is $6 (a bargain!), and limit is 100 people. All offers of help will be gratefully accepted.

The tentative menu is: Houmous; Hareera; Dolmas; Bastilla; Roast Lamb; Couscous; Baklava.

A nonalcoholic beverage will be provided.

Tickets will be available at October Crown from Helyn Brownberry and by mail. Please send SASE to Helyn Brownberry, (contact info omitted).

From The Page (January, 1985):

a Banquet in the Middle Eastern Style

At the recent Investiture banquet, I was asked "How did you manage to get into this?" -- "this" being a banquet for 80 people in a style which my English (married to a Welsh-English) persona would know little about.

It all started with a call from then Princess Trista: "Helyn, We would like a feast at Investiture. Could you do this for Us?"

Well, have you ever turned down a Princess?

His Highness Prince Thomas had mentioned they wanted to step down in Middle Eastern attire, and having recently completed a Southern Shores Cooking & Eating Guild session on Middle Eastern cooking, I felt confident (or brave, or foolhardy -- pick one) enough to suggest a full Middle Eastern dinner. But what if the Lord & Lady of the Mists didn't want a Middle Eastern dinner?

Not being able to delay the planning until they were chosen, I crossed my fingers and prayed. The stars must have been aligned in my favor, as that was indeed what Sir Stephen and his lady wanted (Lord, was I lucky!).

After much planning and tasting, the final menu evolved as served: Moroccan green mint tea; houmous; melintzanosalata; Palestinian peasant bread; harira; meatless dolmas; bastela; couscous; roast goat; Persian almond rolls; and fruit.

Goat, you said? We first planned on lamb, but I was offered assistance in buying a live goat at a livestock auction and butchering it, and the cost would be much less. We never did get to the auction, as a healthy goat raised for meat was offered at a good price. You wish fresh meat? In the space of three days, the goat was butchered, marinated, and cooked. By the way, its name was Murray. [The Chronicler would like it known that Mean Old Curm made up that last sentence.]

Very special thanks go to Everet from Southern Shores who did the dirty work, and his lady Muriel du Pays Perdu, who, because the cickens were defrosting in the shower, had to marinate the goat in the bath tub (in bags). Now that's dedication.

Many people were involved in making this a success, among them Ingrid the Fair, who put much time into the Persian almond rolls, and who, much to her despair, did not have a vessel large enough in which to mix the almonds and sugar. What to do? A small ice chest, well cleaned out, will hold a lot of almonds.

The many others who helped: Crown Princess Grün, Thomas Buttesthorn, Ambrosia de Andalucia, Catherine Kenda of Stillwater, Eric Edmundsson, Miranda MacTyr, Ian and Tara MacAngus, Howard of Redstone & Linda of Collinswood, Jania of Call Duck Manor, Derek Dragonsclaw, Gregory and Arienne of Grandsea, ... and Carolyn and Ruth and Meggie and Frederick and Daeleyn and Patrice di Couer Fidel.

All of the above good folks donated their time and energy and/or gold to cook, serve, wash dishes, decorate tables, take tickets, and loan their personal serving utensils. I could not have done it without their help. I can not thank each and every one of you enough.

At the request of many of the populace, the recipes we used will be in the HORN and the GULL.

                    Helyn Brownberry

[Chronicler's note: The banquet was a splendid success, and all those who attended can be very grateful to Helyn and all her helpers. There was a terrific eggplant dip which was loved even by those of us -- like me -- who think eggplant is good compost. The only trouble with Ingrid's almond rolls is that they arrived at the end when I was too full to eat seven of them.
     To all the cooks and servers: Well Done!]

Stephen of Beckenham
Or, on a pale invected sable
a crescent Or.
      Sariya al Mus'ad

(Registered as
Sophie Xylander)

Quarterly sable and Or, a
cross patonce between four
roundels, all counterchanged.
Stephen's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm,
Sariya's Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov


"The most memorable thing about this investiture was when Stephen, a long time resident of Cynagua, came forward to "Claim the Coronets and Thrones of Cynagua". The problem of course is that he had won in the Mists! As his lady stated after the laughter had died down, "Well things can't get any worse from here."

"The quotes might be a bit off as I wasn't there, but I sure heard about it in a hurry afterward!" -- Vlasta Ulveüs

I remember being told a bit differently (I also wasn't there) -- when Sariya, in her sedan chair, heard the laughter, she asked one of the people carrying it what it was about. When told, she told the carriers "Turn this thing around." In addition I was told: in response to this claim, the Prince and Princess of Cynagua (Michael and Iseult) took off their coronets and started to hand them over. Stephen, being fast on his feet, added quickly: "... in anticipation of our victory in the upcoming war with Cynagua!" (or words to that effect). -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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