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The Nineteenth Year

March Crown Tournament

March 23-24, 1985 (AS XIX)

From The Page (March, 1985):

March Crown will be held at Grant Ranch Park in San Jose on March 23 and 24. It will be an overnight event, with Friday set-up starting at 2 p.m. Her Majesty will have a salon on the subject of Chocolate on Sunday. Please bring your favorite form of chocolate to share and enjoy. There will be archery. The site gets cold at night, so bring warm cloaks and extra blankets. The autocrat is Ella du Vergne (contact info omitted).

The Mistress of the Lists requests that you bring your list shield. There will be an attempt to start the lists by 10 a.m.

SITE FEE Because of the parking charge, the site fee will be $5. per car, with $3. extra for cars arriving Friday. Extra donations toward the site resevation fee will also be accepted. It would be worthwhile to transport your group with as few cars as possible. For example, if one pershon has a truck that can carry enough gear for six people, four people could ride in a small car and two in the truck, instead of two people in each of three vehicles.

CONTESTS The Needleworker's Guild is having an embroidered Book Covers contest. The category for Pied d'Argent is Bransle Charlotte. Wooden Spoon has a "potpourri" contest.

DIRECTIONS (omitted)

SITE LAYOUT The park people should not have plowed the field, so the whole field will be usable this time. There will be no reserved space on the eric except for the royal pavilions and the lists pavilion. The only way to save space will be to erect a pavilion on it. We ask that all groups and households be considerate of others and take as little space on the eric as possible, so that every local group can have a pavilion on the eric from which to watch the fighting. The area between the eric and the road will be reserved for midnight setup. The paved parking spaces are for loading and unloading, although people arriving in the middle of the night on Friday can move their cars to the parking field in the morning.

From The Page (May, 1985):

In June 1971, James Greyhelm beat Paul of Bellatrix 2 out of 3 to win the Crown for his first time. Paul was knighted just before the final (ask someone who was there for the full story).

On March 23, 1985, for the first time in almost 14 years, James and Paul met in the finals again. It was almost twilight, at the end of a long day of fighting, in what is probably the largest crown list in SCA history -- 75 fighters! Now it had all come down to this historic pair, who between them had ruled the West for a total span of more than four years. Would history repeat itself?

More than 500 people attended this event, a very large turnout for a March Crown under overcast skies.

Three unbelted fighters lasted until Found 6: Jade of Starfall (in his first Crown list), Gregory Falconheart, and Valgard Stonecleaver. Andrea of Clearmount, William the Lucky, and William of Briardust also fell in that round. Round 7 saw the elimination of the last unbelted fiter, Colin Dearg, as well as Robert Kinslayer and a certain Edward T. Ambiguous. Three more fell in Round 8 -- Michael Hugh Stuarts, Brandon D'Arindel, and Elriin of Hrassvelg -- paring the field to five. In Round 9, James beat Geoffrey of Griffenhold and Paul eliminted Loren of Berwick; Sagan von Osten-See had the bye. He came very close to being King of Westermark, but Paul defeated him in Roudn 10 to set up the final with James.

And no, history didn't wait 14 years just to have it come out the same way.

Honorable mention went to James Gael MacTyre, in the form of the Muckin' Great Clubbe. Geoffrey, who bestowed it on him, stated very firmly that he did not want it back.

Their Highnesses Rolf and Lachlin of Cynagua presented this chronicler with the Clenched Fist medallion of La Discourtesia, to carry back to Mean Old Curm in his dungeon cell. (Curm got all choked up when I relayed to him the overwhelming response of the populace when they were called upon for the Three Boos.)

At the other end of the behavior scale, Siranna of Hawthorn Hall was awarded the Princess' Order of Grace by Her Highness Sariya of the Mists. Since her lord Gerstan received it the previous weekend, they can now have courtesy arguments -- "Dear heart, thou art wholly superior to me in every courtesy." - "Darest thou contradict me, love? Thou art the one who excelleth in grace and bearing!"

The culmination of Sunday morning court was the knighting of Leon David von Schrecken, until that moment Radnor's squire. I was glad to see that the final part of the ceremony -- the new knight meets his peers -- was not rushed. It may not be the most thrilling part of court for the audience, but it can be the most emotional for a new peer, the reward for a great deal of effort. I do not think the peers should feel any need to hurry what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Radnor then announced a change in the Laws of the West. The section which ranked the members of the Order of the Golden Poppy with the Counts and Countesses in the Precedence was deleted. Otherwise the Golden Poppy was unchanged. It means that the members of the Order will no longer be addressed as (in Kevin Erelong's felicitous phrase) "Your Equivalency". About the only time that precedence below Royalty comes into effect is in the Grand March. There was to be one on Sunday, but it was cancelled because of the weather.

Considering the size of the list, it was greatly to the credit of the Listmistress, Ingrid the Fair, that the fighting was completed on Saturday, without delays. Only a few were not so happy with the speedy progress of the list -- namely, those armored fighters waiting on the sidelines, looking ever more mournful as the day wore on, waiting forlornly for the glad cry of "Melee!" -- which never came. -- Alan of Ockham

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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