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The Nineteenth Year

Invitational Tourney -- Eskalya
August 11-12, 1984 (AS XIX)

(No event description)


"NOTE: The events described below may have actually happened in September, but there is no event on the calendar in the various Pages for Eskalya listed that month ... I seem to recall the actual event was a Baronial Championship tournament? If anyone in Oertha has old newsletters that can pinpoint the event/date, it would be greatly appreciated.

"This was one of those events where everything got weird in Oertha, and is unfortunately one of the reasons Oertha is known as having way too many politics. The following is how I remember this event, and it's been some time since it happened, so keep that in mind. I also remember this as being in September, as James and Verena were King and Queen ... that is important later in this description ... (perhaps They were "just" Crown Prince and Princess ... that's possible).

"Baron Hugh McGlammoraga and Baroness Selenia of the Silverwood, the founding Baron and Baroness of Eskalya, and to at least a major extent founders of the SCA in Oertha, as well as specifically Eskalya, had decided it was time to bow out. Selenia had stopped attending events for some time, and no one had really seen much of her. At the Lord Defender's Tournament earlier in the summer, the Lord Defender title has been won by a Selveirgardian (Shapur Abdul Abalhassan Hussein) for the first time in many years, and the King had taken away the title of Regent (for more detail on all that, see the event Oerthan Summer Lord Defender's Tournament). The current Lord Defender had issues because of that (while I understand his being upset, the way he handled it was, in my opinion ... in poor taste).

"During the day at the tournament, it was seen that the Lord Defender had welded the Coronet of the Lord Defender to his helm, upside down. This ... upset ... several fighters. I remember seeing Kylson [Skyfyre] gnashing his teeth over it. To make matters worse, the Lord Defender loaned the helm to a new fighter to use in the tournament that day.

"I don't remember much else about the day, except it was a bit cloudy, near a lake, with a lodge, and was a site we often used for events ...

"The evening sticks out a bit more. Court. During this court, the Lord Defender was seated next to the Baron, with his helm as a footrest, which included the Lord Defender's Coronet welded to it. If folk were upset about it before, this just added insult to injury ...

Baron Hugh [McGlammoraga of the North] made some announcements, including that Baroness Selenia [of Silverwood] had died of some disease or other. Since many people there had not seen her in some time it was possible this happened in the real world and there was a lot of shock and grief in the room, because it sounded to all of us like this had really happened! Baron Hugh then decided to give out some "presents" to various people, all in poor taste. By "poor taste", let us say that one fairly well decorated member of the populace was given a can of "alphabet soup" ... think about it ...

"Baron Hugh then announced he was retiring. He took the coronet off his head, and broke it over his knee. The star that was welded to the front of the coronet, unbeknownst to Baron Hugh, had fallen at the feet of Aveloc the Younger, who put his boot over it. The lights then went out, screams were heard, and when the lights came back up, Hugh was "dead" by assasination. Of course, no one found the assasin after. It was very dramatic. Hugh was carried out, and not seen at an event for a long time after.

"The whole thing left a horrible taste in everyone's mouth because of the way it had been handled. People were crying over Selenia's "death" (which, as it turned out, was just a persona death, but we didn't know this at the time), because she was a lovely person, and people were really upset. People were jarred by the "assasination" of the Baron. All in all, it was a very strange evening.

"My roommate, Aldwin Longwalker, was seneschal of the Barony. He went around the room talking to people and announcing that a Baronial meeting was going to be held the next day to determine the next Baron and Baroness. Aveloc, in the meantime had picked up the star that was under his boot. He asked me if I could do something with it. It was brass, and indeed, I did. More on that in a bit.

"Baron Hugh had apparently sent a letter to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown putting forward the names of his chosen successors. This couple were out of town (on vacation as I recall) during this little debacle, but they were not people most of the Barony could support as Baron and Baroness. This was part of Baron Hugh's apparent attempt (I was told this later) to destroy the Barony. This was a shame, because I had always liked Baron Hugh, but I guess for some reason he had decided that "his" game had changed so much that it wasn't what he thought the SCA should be, so he would "destroy" it ... at least, again, that's what I was told by folk who knew him better than I. What I knew of Hugh left me really shocked, as he had never seemed to be a vindictive or mean-spirited person. I doubt I'll ever know the full truth ...

"Sunday, the Baronial meeting was held at our apartment (Aldwin, Alaryn Aecanstaef and mine) -- it was the basement of a house and was large. We had probably 50 people (give or take) there. Two couples were nominated by the populace, and then "go" stones were assigned, black for one couple, white for the other. A hat was passed, and each person dropped the stone into the hat for the couple they preferred as Baron and Baroness. After counting the stones, and finding the tally to be quite close, it was decided that Brendan Shimmeringstar and Aryana Silknfyre would be the next Baron and Baroness. Aldwin called James and Verena (either as Crown Prince/ess or as King and Queen, depending on if this really happened in August or September), who were told that Hugh's chosen successors were not acceptable to the populace. James responded back that they were not acceptable to the Crown either. Aldwin explained what we had done, and James said that Brendan and Aryana were definitely acceptable. They then planned on coming up in the fall to perform the coronetting of the new Baron and Baroness.

"To this day, even though Hugh and Selenia have been invited to attend events periodically, they have declined, except apparently one Oerthan Coronet tournament held in Eskalya, when they showed up as ghosts, and stayed in a corner and did not participate or interact with anyone. (This was after I had left Oertha a few years after this event occurred.)

"The star that Aveloc had retrieved from the Baronial Coronet found a home. I was given it, and I went to Hans the Horrible's place, where he had a full jewelry shop (well, enough of the right tools, which I didn't have). I cut a piece of nickle silver into a circle, and soldered the brass star to it. This is now being used with the Seneschal's key of Eskalya -- a large red ribbon (or cloth baldric, I think), the star on its disc is hung from that, and the key is hung from the disc. We have some continuity in the regalia of Eskalya here. To the best of my knowledge this is still being used by the Seneschal of Eskalya.

"Unfortunately, after Shapur stepped down as Lord Defender, we never were able to get the Lord Defender's coronet from his helm." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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