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The Nineteenth Year

First Sword Tourney -- Esfenn
September 8, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (September, 1984):

Yes, folks, the young, brash, and awe-inspiring Shire of Esfenn is about to celebrate another birthday at its annual FIRST SWORD TOURNEY AND ANNIVERSARY REVEL! This means fighting, fun, feasting, and revelry for everyone!

On Saturday, September 8, the day's festivities will begin with this year's First Sword of Esfenn Tourney. Setup will start at 10am. Lists open at 11am. Fighting will commence at noon. The First Sword list is open only to those fighters living in Esfenn or those who have traditionally been a member of Esfenn's populace. The First Sword will be expected to act as Esfenn's military leader and spokesman, uphold the Shire's honor, and will be responsible for autocrating next year's First Sword Tourney. Duties will be fullyu explained before the list.

The afternoon will also include a prize list, melees, and challenges for those not fighting in First Sword. There will be dancing, gaming, an on-site poetry competition, and other outdoor activities and on-site contests to be announced. Feel free to bring your pavilions, sunshades, and other tourney gear.

Following the tourney the revel hall will open at 5:30pm for the Anniversary revel and potluck feast. The potluck in the round will begin at 7pm. The evening will include a cooking competition (main dish with vegetable as the major ingredient, but other foods OK as part of the dish), judging of the poetry contest, dancing, gaming, and much fun. The revel will go on until midnight or so.

The site of the tourney and revel is Muhr School (L.O.U. Headquarters) at (address), Newark. (Directions omitted) The revel hall is large and there are kitchen facilities. For any questions or anyone who wants to sponsor activities, please call Howard of Redstone at (phone).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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