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The Nineteenth Year

Beltane Coronation
May 5-6, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (May, 1984):

THE WEST IS TO HAVE A NEW KING. Come attend the Coronation of Ronald and Dierdriana, and join in the festivities as the Crown is passed. It will not rain this year. The PAGE is never wrong.

The site is Grant Ranch Park in San Jose. The date is May 5-6. Note that Beltane is the beginning of a new Society year, AS XIX, which is a lot easier to say than XVIII.

Friday setup is available. Coronation will be around 3pm on Saturday. (Let's face it. While the PAGE is never wrong, all those schedules you see printed in it require using Honolulu time or Bangkok time in order to make them right. Ronald and Dierdriana will be crowned when everything is ready, sometime between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday.) Coronation will be preceded by the last court of William and Joanne, and by Queen Joanne's spectacular chocolate cookie bakeoff melee.

As for the Suggested Site Donation, we need about $2.50 or so per person to break even. The constables don't want to have to deal with coins. Therefore, we're asking $3 per person, but $5 for two, any two, no relationship required. It's only suggested, anyway. Give what you think is right.

The site has new flush privies. There is a moderate amount of paved parking. Overflow parking is in a field adjacent to the site, and this might be a problem if it were to rain, which it won't. Car pooling is encouraged. Merchants of SCA-oriented wares are welcome (set up away from the eric, please).

There will be a Queen's Tea for Dierdriana on Sunday. If you would like to help, please contact the autocrat.

The Westermark will have a tavern. According to the Golden Rivers Current, Aljannatu will be at Beltane, sponsoring an informal hafla (party), open to all, with Middle Eastern pastries and drinks for sale. The Ministry of Arts and the Guild of Arachne's Web will be holding fund-raising auctions. There will be dancing at intervals throughought the weekend.

CONTESTS: The Kingdom Sciences competition begins at Beltane, with three contests (see elsewhere in this issue). Other contests will be sponsored by Wooden Spoon (cooking: savories), Rivenoak Shire (hot-spicy cooking), Pied d'Argent (dancing: Hole in the Wall), Nal-Kerv (costuming: under $25), and Arachne's Web (lace in two colors). Lord Dragon the Green returns with his unforgettable trash-gathering competition. I also have it on authority that there will be more contests to be announced on site.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted) Also, resist the temptation to pick any of the "wild fennel" growing along the road. What it really is is "poison hemlock". It killed Socrates, and it could do the same for you.

At the far east end of the site is a fenced creek. Poison oak grows along the creek. Parents, keep your children away from this end of the site.

AUTOCRAT: Alan of Ockham (contact info omitted). At least he's not dangerous.

Ronald Wilmont
Checky sable and gules, a
fleur-de-lys between three
African lions rampant Or.
Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles
Azure, a lotus goblet argent
and on a chief argent three
lotus blossoms inverted throughout
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

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