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The Nineteenth Year

All Hallows Eve Feast -- Vinhold
October 27, 1984 (AS XIX)

From The Page (October, 1984):

On this coming October 27th, the sinister folk of Vinhold will observe the most ancient of holidays in the Heritage Room of Vintage Hall (the old stone High School building) in St. Helena. All are invited to join the Feast and Fun.

Soulers will be about to tease the feasters, King Crispin will be in attendance, the Baron will host the competition for the new Bard of Vinhold, and the "Not-Ready-For-Peerage-Players" will put on their own "Night of the Living Peerage". The AUTOCRAT for entertainment is Kugalle of Issek (phone). Call him if you would like to add your talents.

The feast will start at 6pm or dusk, whichever comes first. Vinhold will provide one main course (red meat) and desserts. All other courses will be on a potluck basis and channeled through one main serving table. Cooking facilities are available (including a dishwasher). The AUTOCRAT for the Feast is Essaine Youngirbourne (phone). Call her to coordinate your group's courses with the rest of the feast.

Tickets will be $5 per person, and are available from the autocrats, the baron, and the seneschal at coming events (like October Crown) or at the door (if not sold out). Tickets can be reserved.

Because the location is up the Napa Valley, impromptu wine tasting sorties will be undertaken during the day. So come early.

(directions omitted)

Enter Vintage Hall at the north side door. The Heritage Room is on the ground floor. There is plenty of storeroom for things.

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