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The Eighteenth Year

Valhalan Day on the Green -- Tribe Rot Manhe (Cynagua/Golden Rivers)
November 5-6, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (October, 1983):

UFFDA! Unto the populace of the known world, an invitation to attend the greatest experience the SCA has ever known. On the 5th and 6th of November, Tribe Rot Mahne will once again be sponsoring Valhalan Day on the Green.

Valhalan Day on the Green is a VIKING PRIZE TOURNEY to benefit the Principality of Cynagua and its branches. There will be many contests and activities on a Nordic theme. Although this is a Viking tourney, everyone is invited to attend in his/her own persona. NO restrictions will be placed on anyone attending in a non-Viking persona.

The contests thus scheduled are:

FIGHTING: Unbelted fighters list, Ship to ship fights, Ragnarok melee, Bastard sword list, Great weapon list.
NONFIGHTING: Ax throwing, Skaldic poetry (alliterative poetry on a Nordic theme), Viking costume, On-site soap carving (soap will be provided, tools won't).
CULINARY CONTESTS: Cooking - "Squashed anything", ideally this means summer squash, however, anything edible is acceptable. Remember, the contestants will be among the judges. Judging criteria: taste, authenticity, and presentation. Brewing: mead. On-site baking: flag bread.

Also! the fighters of the tribe have sailed to the farthest known reaches of the world, hunted and trapped, sweated and strained, to bring back the largest, fiercest Bears in the world. These bears are then trained by tribal berserkers in ferocity, kept alive on a meager diet of the scrawniest English and French thralls, to prepare them for the third annual Rot Manhe Bear Pit Wrestling Championships! This year a women's division is being added for those choosing not to compete in the other two.

Furthermore! Unto the puny, wimpy, fagged-out fighters of the known world! Come on guys, for the past two years, you've done nothing but die. We, the fighters of Tribe Rot Manhe, issue once again our challenge for a Rot Manhe vs. the Known World melee. That is, if our fighters can get their helmets on, just coming off our victories over Silver Desert and the combined armies of the Mists and Cynagua, not to mention that we've won this event every year, anyway (thunderous applause, horns, etc...).

[Sure, but when was the last time one of those barbarians won a Chronicler's List, huh?]

There will, of course, be much more. Come and enjoy (you can't help that).

Directions: (omitted)

The site is CAMP POLLOK, a Boy scout camp. It is nominally dry, so be discreet. Site fee will be $2. Warning! This site lies next to the American River, a major tributary to the Sacramento. It is great for swimming and boating, but very dangerous for small children. PLEASE, if you can't watch them, leave them at home. There are no pets allowed.

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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