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The Eighteenth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation
January 7, 1984 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (January, 1984):

TWELFTH NIGHT CORONATION is but a month away. As January 7 approaches, there is a need for any gentleperson desiring to help with decorations, setup or construction to please contact the autocrats. Remember, Twelfth Night is being sponsored this year by the Kingdom of the West, so all the members of the Kingdom are urged to participate and help make this the best Twelfth Night ever!

Tickets for Twelfth Night are:
          $7 in December and January
          $8 at the door.

Please send payment and SASE to:
          Amberle of Eldar
          (contact info omitted)

Twelfth Night will be held at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Exhibition Halls 1 and 2, Turlock, California. Gates will open at 9 am, January 7. Merchant setup will also be at 9 am. Court will follow in the main hall at 11 am.

The Royalty of the Known World are encouraged to attend and are asked to please contact either of the two autocrats as soon as possible.

Entertainers will be admitted free and are urgedt o contact, as soon as humanly possible, either of the two autocrats or:

          Kevin Konsdorf
          (contact info omitted)

Due to safety considerations, there will be no open fires permitted in the halls or on the grounds. There is also no room for cooking areas or kitchen privileges. There will also be no smoking allowed inside the buildings.

Children under 6 will be admitted free to 12th Night. There will be no supervised child care. However, there will be a quiet unsupervised room available for children to rest in.

More banners are needed, and bannerholders may send theirs ahead of time or bring the banners with them. Please tag banners with mundane name and address to ensure quick return.

Contest planning marches forward. A reminder from the autocrats to all who are staging events, contests, etc. to please contact them as soon as possible. For more contest info, check the November PAGE.

          Autocrat                  Co-Autocrat
          Durin of Eldar          Dawn Keegan
          (contact info omitted)

The WESTERMARK PLAYERS intend to present a play at Twelfth Night. This edifying drama is based on two actual 15th century French dramatic works, and will be presented in hopes of giving the populace an idea of what at least one type of medieval drama looked like. THEREFORE, we would like to announce in advance that this play is very definitely rated "R". If you are easily offended, pray do not attend. Also, no one under 18 will be admitted without a parent or guardian.

THEIR MAJESTIES AND THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES WISH TO ANNOUNCE THAT THERE WILL BE NO PERSONAL PRESENTATIONS DURING FORMAL COURT AT TWELFTH NIGHT. All presentations can be presented privately or at a small presentation court. This is in the interests of saving time.

Directions: (omitted)

From The Page (February, 1984):

A funny thing happened on the way to Twelfth Night ... Behind the wheel of our dented Honda, too early in the morning, I was merging onto 580 from Castro Valley Blvd., when I realized that there was a large red van, just inches away in the beind-driver's-left-shoulder blind spot. A lady in the passanger's seat of the van wagged a reproving hand at me. The lady in question turned out to be Viscountess Maythen. A great way to start the new year: throw yourself under the wheels of the Hoghton chariot.

The last court of Rolf and Lachlin started promptly at 11 am, SCA time. Brighid ni Roane, costumer extraordinary and former seneschal of Golden Rivers was admitted to the Order of the Laurel. Among those upon whom Baronial honors were conferred was Mistress April Alys O'Dale, who has been managing Gold Key since A.S. VI. One person was heard to remark that she is probably the first lady in history to be rewarded with the title of Baroness for doing laundry. Lots of laundry. She still needs a deputy, lords and ladies.

I was pleased to note the name of Rhea Louveciennes, the Chronicler of Oertha, among those receiving Awards of Arms. A full list of the awards given at Twelfth Night will appear in the March PAGE.

The Shire of Teufelberg and the College of St. Katherine presented new cloaks to Their Highnesses of the Mists.

Court was followed by the Westermark play, before which those who would be offended by e.g. earthy language were advised to leave, "because you will be offended." Rumor billed it as the most daring Westermark melodrama yet. Rumor was right. Blazing Orb Wulf-Sagan did a daring soft shoe across the stage. After that, the audience was unshockable. The play earned hearty applause and many laughs.

Then followed the Coronation of William and Joanne. In keeping with his Viking persona, Rolf chose to take the title of Jarl instead of Count. Jarl Rolf is a little tricky to say.

King William announced changes to the Laws, and some more proposed changes [see p. 3]. It was also announced that the Coronets would retain, for the reign of William and Joanne, the right to grant Leaves of Achievement without prior consultation with the Crown.

Formal court was followed by a Presentation Court. Since the courts at this Twelfth Night set modern brevity records, all were agreed this was A Good Idea.

Prince Geoffrey recieved a midget crossbow as a 12th Night gift. Baron Damien O'Boirne volunteered as William Tell's son, but none until Deadeye Duke James were able to hit the apple. Lest the marshals cringe, it should be mentioned that Damien was wearing effective, albeit unorthodox facial armor.

Finally, special mention should be made of the anonymous donor, who, once again, provided rosebuds to be distributed to all the ladies.

The Barony of Fett Burg was officially confirmed in its Baronial status, its new baron being Ivan Igor Bodonovich. Any resemblance to Bodo the Brutal is purely inevitable.

The autocrats, Durin of Eldar and Dawn Keegan, deserve a lot of credit for running a smooth event, all the more remarkable since (if I was informed correctly) neither had ever been to a Twelfth Night before, much less autocrated a large event.

(This chronicle was authored by Alan of Ockham, Kingdom Chronicler)

William the Lucky
Erminois, a chief embattled azure
in the dexter a roundel Or.
Joanne of Puffin Cliff
Per chevron Or and sable, a puffin
displayed proper. [Fratercula
William's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm
Joanne's Arms by Evaine MacGreger

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"I wasn't at this event, but we heard some details from Kylson Skyfyre, who did attend, at the Lord Defender's tournament a few weeks later.

"Kylson managed to get a part in the play put on by the Westermark, and was rather proud of himself for his positioning when he died. Without getting into much more detail than that, other than to say "full [or mostly -- one friend mentioned a g-string was involved] frontal nudity!" (at least the young woman playing the part had the figure ... she was, according to my sources, an artist's model at this time, and well ...).

"Kylson had a videotape of the play at the Lord Defender's tourney. It was fascinating, to put it mildly. The script can be found here on the West Kingdom History site, in the Bardic section, under Gerhardt's stuff. Well worth reading. He did a nice job blending the two scripts. Anyway, we enjoyed the video, as bad as it was by today's standards (black and white, blurry, with weird tracers of light ... but that was the quality of video cameras back then). We did have to keep shooing one young gentleman out of the room because he was definitely too young to watch the one scene ..." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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