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The Eighteenth Year

Teufelberg / St. Katherine War
September 25, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (August, 1983):

As an ever-increasing number of our innocent citizens are subverted and siphoned away by the foul intentioned idiotocracy of the College of St. Katherine, we the just-minded inhabitants of the uneducated Shire of Teufelberg, in order to stem this exodus of our citizenry, do endeavor to meet their insignificant host in most enjoyable combat.

This, ah, police action, will take place at a yet-to-be-determined site on the 3rd of September. Fliers giving the location, directions, and schedule will be handed out at Purgatorio and any other events that the autocrat can make it to. For more information, please call the autocrat, Alric of Castleberg, at (phone).

From The Page (September, 1983):

Saint Katherine ...

In recent months, the College of St. Katherine has been deluged with a torrent of trembling refugees from the oppressive hand of the tyrannical Shire of Teufelberg. In response to Teufelberg's continual warlike activities, including armed incursions into our peaceloving institute of higher learning, we have been compelled to respond to their declaration of war by meeting them for battle at Earl Warren Park in Hayward, with our gallant allies from Esfenn and Toteroten. Because of their vacilation and procrastination (and the desperate search for an open weekend), the date has been changed to 25 September. We plan to have scenarios that include archery, so remember to bring face screening that complies with the new standards. For more information, call Carl Thelen at (phone), or Alric of Castleberg at (phone).

... vs. Teufelberg

After close consideration by various elements of the Shire of Teufelberg, it has been decided not to fight our war on our land. Why raze our cities, towns, and villages, trample our fields and pastures, and slaughter, rape, and pillage our innocent peasants when we can do unto somebody else? So after consulting with delegates from the Shire of Esfenn, it was decided to fight this war with the College of St Katherine on their land.

This conflict will take place on 25 September at Earl Warren Park in Hayward, the site of the Princess' Birthday Party. There will be war archery in many of the scenarios, and the new helm screening rules will be in effect. Scenarios will be announced at the site, and we will try to run as many as possible. Fighting will commence at 11 am, and continue until dusk. There will not be a revel afterward.

For questions concerning the site, please cal the site autocrat Howard of Redstone at (phone). For questions concerning the event, please call Alric of Castleberg (number above).

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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