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The Eighteenth Year

Newcomer's Tourney -- Southern Shores
April 8, 1984 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (April, 1984):

On Sunday April 8, SOUTHERN SHORES will once again host its fantastic NEWCOMER'S TOURNEY! The site will be Murphy Park in Sunnyvale (the same park we used last year). You need not be new to the SCA to enjoy the wide range of contests that will be run, although the emphasis is on skills and crafts that are newly acquired. Setup will begin at 10am -- events will start promptly at noon.

Among the contests that will be run this year is a list for fighters qualified for under one year (the prize will be a pouch filled with "gold and white money"). We are hoping, at this time, to run qualifications prior to the list for new fighters, but this is not certain. Other contests will include:

Traveller's lunch: this should be the type of lunch a medieval person would have packed for a day's journey: finger foods, etc.

Emergency costume: this is not a normal costume contest! What could you throw together the morning of the tourney for your best friend who wants to come along? Costumes should be made of component parts that are not normally intended to be part of a costume: towels, blankets, mundane boots or vests, old hats, skirts, lampshades, etc. Costumes will be modelled on a real person. Authenticity will count, but ingenuity will count more.

Heraldic submissions: designs should be submitted in triplicate, on the usual College of Heralds forms, and the $6 submission fee should be paid at the time of the contest. The submissions and fees will be passed on to the College for consideration, although the contest will be judged at the tourney. Prize will be an embroidered patch, suitable for applique, of the winner's device as it finally passes.

There will be several otehr contests announced on site, so come prepared to be creative. Workshops will also be run on a variety of subjects for most of the day. For further information, contact the autocrat, Susanna de Bosco, at (phone).

Directions: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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