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The Eighteenth Year

Warlord Tournament -- Southern Shores
June 11-12, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (June, 1983):

On June 11-12, Southern Shores will choose a new Warlord at Grant Ranch Park. It was decided that the Warlord of Southern Shores should be able to display many talents. He should have an ability to use various war weapons; he should be able to recognize his enemies; he should be able to employ strategry to defeat them; and he should be able to brag about it afterward. Therefore the Warlord will be selected by a four-fold list. The competition will consist of the following:

1) Double elimination combat list using common war weapons except for sword and shield. Weapons allowed will be mace, axe, shortsword, greatsword, bastard sword, glaives (including bills, naginatas, and other cut-and-thrust weapons), spear, and pike. You must use at least three different weapons during the list. War shields are acceptable. Florentine will count as one weapon. Florentine sword is acceptable.

2) A Heraldic test will be given in which the contestant will be asked to emblazon coat(s) of arms which will be provided.

3) A single elimination chess list. The form used will be Shatranj, a common medieval form.

4) A Bardic competition. The contestant will submit a war poem for judging. This may be written in advance, and must be turned in no later than 4 pm Saturday.

In addition to the Warlord list, there will be various contests. As of this writing, Heleyn Brownberry will be sponsoring a "sack the village" cooking contest. This will involve creative use of available ingredients, after plundering your average village. No preparation in advance, ingredients to be provided. Prize to be announced later.

Southern Shores Gold Key will be holding an auction, and needs donations and bidders. Southern Shores will be having its traditional quest for the True Brick. Ella du Vergne assures the autocrat that the celestial auspices look favorable for the Miracle of the Brick (Brick Broth). Anyone wishing to sponsor a contest or activity, contact the autocrat: Thomas Buttesthorn, (phone).

There will be no residency requirement to compete for Warlord, but entrants must compete in ALL categories. Site fee: $2 per person.

Directions: (omiteed)

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