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The Eighteenth Year

Lord Defender's Tournament -- Oertha
July 9-10, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (April, 1983):


Autocrat: Shire of Earngyld
(formerly Thousand Isles)

Hear Ye! COME to the Summer Lord Defenders Tourney to be held in Earngyld on 9-10 July, AS XVIII. This will be an overnight event, so bring your pavilions with you. Transportation and housing within Earngyld will be provided for all visitors. If you want to stay a few days before or after the event to vacation, you will be VERY welcome. Arrangements for this can and will be made if we are contacted in advance.

The following contests will be held:
1) Design on paper the perfect court costume for the opposite gender.
2) Design on paper a device that is heraldically correct but would never pass the heralds.
3) Provide a written question or riddle to the following answers (all four must be answered):
     a) The key to his room.
     b) Bellatrix's broadsword.
     c) Chivalry is not dead.
     d) My Lady's slipper.
4) A written anectdote about the SCA (one page max.)
5) Male costume accessory piece separate from the costume (e.g., ruff, codpiece) in any media. Judging will be based on novelty, humor, and artistry.
AUTOCRAT'S CHOICE (sponsored by Elaine of Rainbow's End): A field luncheon dish using ingredients provided to you on the site. Judging will be according to taste, appeal, and practicality.
GUILDS: Metalworks - hollow ware capable of holding at least eight fluid ounces. Griffin Cellarmasters: brewing.

More complete information on these contests, including judging criteria and all relevant details will be forthcoming in the May PAGE. Entries to contests 1-4 should be sent to the Central Contact Person listed below at least a week prior to teh event. Entries from around the Known Worlde are encouraged.

Special recognition will be given for: 1) the most chivalrous fighter on and off the field, 2) person most in persona during the event.
There will be a Tavern, a Market place, and a child activity center on site. Any artisans requiring space for their wares should make reservations in advance. Two special activities will be a Border Scrimmage with An Tir and a Quest.
Tickets will be $10, which includes a breakfast, a lunch, the feast, and the site fee. There will be a few cabins available on site. All reservations must be made a week in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Central Contact Person. See You There!

Alysaundra Merch Llewelyn         Adam Elfchaser
(contact info omitted for both)

From The Page (May, 1983):

Unto the Great and Noble People of OERTHA

At this last Winter's Gate Captaincy Tourney I was appointed by the Lord Defender, Eric Bearsbane, to the position of Director of Oerthan Colonies, Internal Revenue Service. This came about because Oertha has placed members on both the north and south poles and have claimed them for Oertha. Therefore, because the Board of Directors has stated a wish that groups be contiguous we wish to comply by claiming all the lands between these two points for Oertha (and, of course, the Kingdom of the West). In order to secure our control over these lands, it as been seen fir and sholly justified to levy a tax against these colonies. This is of course not being done because we really want the enormous and overflowing wealth thereby gained, but rather because of some humane and wholly righteous reason which I can't remember off the top of my head. Be assured that it is for a really good reason though, take my word for it. In order to handle this, the position that I have been appointed to was established. My first act in handling this situation is to institute a wholly reasonable and quite righteous tax of 20% of all wealth including all ladies within each colony per year. Now doesn't this sound perfectly reasonable? If the colonies foolishly wish to contest this evenhanded decision, they are invited to participate in a war at our summer Lord Defenders Tourney. If no representative is present it will be assumed that they have accepted this decision and a bill for 20% of their wealth and ladies shall be sent. This policy is aimed at bringing the greatest amount of wealth and glory to where it belongs, Oertha. I would like to urge all fighters of the West to help us in this wholly righteous and noble cause.

           Lord Wolf Federweiss
           Director of Oerthan Colonies
           Internal Revenue Service

P.S. All Oerthans, in fact all people of the West, shall benefit from this by a trickle-down policy invented by myself, of course.

From The Page (August, 1983):

The May PAGE contained a demand by Wolf Federweiss, Director of Oerthan Colonies, Internal Revenue Service, that the rest of the Knowne World remit taxes in the amount of 20% of its wealth and ladies to Oertha, since that Crown Principality had placed members on and claimed both the North and South Poles, and therefore, by the BoD's insistence that domains be contiguous, owned all the land in between. The July GUARDIAN (newsletter of Oertha) contained the following reply:

His Royal Highness, Sir Corin du Soleil,
Crown Prince of the Middle,
sends greetings, taunts, rude remarks, etc.

In order to promote Imperialistic unity, I am prepared to offer you assistance in either one of two ways. Both are grants of land that would encourage the contiguity of your land claims. The first is a strip of land along my westernmost border 1" wide. You shall have to deal with kingdoms to the south on an individual basis. The other is an underground passage beneath our Kingdom which may be entered through a hole three feet wide and six feet long, or longer, if you are exceptionally tall. As for taxes, you may come and collect them at my hand, if you dare.

     Yours in Service and Defense of the Middle,
          Corin, Prince.

The GUARDIAN went on to note:

In answer to Corin's letter, a brave knight, a Court Baron of the Middle Kingdom, came to Earngyld to protest the taxes. His name, the famous Ritter Aerdigwidder von Zuaberberg! Otherwise known as Fum, he crushed the local fighters and as a result, was granted a stay of taxation, pending approval of the Lord Defender. He was kind enough to let us keep Oertha under home rule. Hopefully, Fum will be back someday soon, because the ladies of Earngyld miss his legs.

[Wait till the King of the West hears about this!]

From The Page (September, 1983):

Summer in Oertha
or Radnor Gets Carried Away

Such an event it was. Several Oerthans said it was the best Lord Defender's they had ever been to.

We were blessed with many outsiders for this event: Duke Paul of Bellatrix (who did a fighting workshop just before the event), and his Countess Rowena, the Lady Cordwainer Christia Barrett of the Crown Principality of Lochac (who taught several ladies the art of Hardanger embroidery), and of course, King Radnor.

Despite rain all weekend, the fighting got off to a good start on Saturday, with Shaun of Eaglerest winning the title of Lord Defender for his lady, Genieve of Hennforde, who is the new Lady of the Snows. Avaloc the Young became the new Lord Guardian.

The feast Saturday night was an incredible success, with much of the planning and cooking done by Kara Nina.

There were many and varied performers during the feast, but the main attraction was the bellydancers from the Earngyld area, with four SCA members participating. Wolf Federweiss made the biggest hit when he did his hip shimmies.

After the bellydancers came the Remnents of the St. Boniface Madrigal Singers Plus One. They sang several delightful madrigal pieces, most of which you couldn't sing on mundane TV. Adam Elfchaser recited one of his strange and humorous poems that was extremely well-received. Wolf and Danpira Snowsong each sang some of their original compositions and added much to the festivities.

King Radnor named the Lord Defender of Oertha as Regent of Oertha. This essentially gives him limited Prince powers, so the curia will only have to make administrative decisions.

Several Crown Principality offices changed over officially at this event. Adam Elfchaser became acting Seneschal, Wolf Federweiss became Exchequer, and Rhea Louveciennes became Chronicler. These were all approved by the Oerthan Seneschal and the new Lord Defender.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the whole weekend was Sunday morning, when King Radnor found himself stuck in his cabin without his shoes. It being very wet outside, a group of his quick thinking subjects ran back to the main hall and gathered Radnor's Throne and two long poles, and proceeded to transport him, over-the-shoulder style, to the hall. A gathering crowd of the King's loyal subjects stood in the rain to cheer and bow as His Majesty rode by. Later on at Court, King Radnor awarded these subjects each with a few raw-cut emeralds. This service became known as "King Radnor Rapid Transit."

The next Lord Defender's will be in the Province of Winter's Gate, in January.

(The chronicle above was excerpted by the Kingdom Chronicler from the Guardian, the Oerthan newsletter, no author credit is given)

Sean of Eagle Rest
(Lord Defender of Oertha)

Sable, chapé ployé, an
eagle's head erased to sinister Or.
Raonaild Ruard
(Lady of the Snows)

(No Arms Registered)
Sean's Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Personal Reminisces:

"This was a weird one for me. I was exhausted for most of the event, for the following reasons -- note that I don't blame (the late) John St. Andrew for any of this, it was a case of "how things worked out", but it was weird ...

"I was a college student without a lot of money. A few years before, when I had gotten a divorce, John had become a good friend, because he had been through a (much worse) divorce some years earlier, and know what I was going through. Anyway, we decided to drive to Haines Junction and take the ferry from Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska). This is not a short drive, although it's longer from Anchorage (the circuitous route the freeway takes to get there ...).

"John and I planned on spending a day in Juneau before the event, because he had never been there, and while I had spent a summer there, it had been a couple years, and I figured being a tourist would be fun for a day ... and I was at least a little familiar, so I could be a tour guide for John.

"The ferry leaves Haines to Juneau once a day. John used to drink a LOT of coffee. We stopped at a lot of coffee shops on the way. John's vehicle was a Mazda hatchback, and had his armor and other SCA gear, my SCA gear and guitar, and his doberman pincer in the back. The two front seats were taken up by John and I. The dog was very friendly, which was nice, except ... well ... a friendly doberman in a small car is a bit of a nuisance at times.

"Anyway, we took one last coffee stop, and came driving into Haines just in time to miss the ferry -- we watched it pull out of the docks from the other side of the fence. Sigh. Haines, as you might imagine, is not a large town. The streets and sidewalks roll up at about 6 in the evening. The place is practically a ghost town after the ferry leaves. There wasn't much to do, to put it mildly. We managed to have dinner. We walked around town. That took about 10 minutes ... we chatted a lot, but it was just us, and the dog wasn't a conversationalist. When it started to get dark (it was far enough south that yes, the sun does go down in the summer), we tried to sleep in the front seats of the car. Unfortunately, John snored ... loudly. VERY loudly. In a small car, with a big dog ... sigh.

"I got up, and out of the car, and John didn't notice. I walked around a bit, leaned against the car, just stayed inside my own head all night. I was, to put it mildly, tired in the morning. When the sun came up, we managed to find a place that had breakfast, and somewhere in there along came a few folk from Eskalya. One of them was Avaloc the Younger, another Roger of Dunwodeham, and I think Sean of Eagle Rest. We got chatting while waiting for the ferry in the evening. (24 hours in Haines Junction ... oy!) We ended up having enough D&D stuff to do some gaming. Once we got on the ferry I figured since it was dark out I'd sleep. That didn't happen. I couldn't sleep. I'd hit that weird point that sometimes happens where, even though I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep. Aveloc had no problems staying awake as long as a game was involved, and he managed to keep the other two going ...

"So, we stayed up most of the night (John managed to sleep ...). We got to the site in time for the event. So much for the site-seeing, but these things happen. Had a good day at the event. The lists happened, which I did at least some of the heralding for, and so on. Dinner. Bardic Circle ... which lasted until the wee hours of the night. And then I went to my cabin and crashed. HARD.

"I slept so hard I missed some of the silliness with King Radnor being carried into the hall on a chair (see the chronicle above), and more. I do remember the Laurel meeting, and recommending (and seeing it happen) Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven be named a member of the Order of the Laurel, and court and other things. However, I decided if I could, I didn't really want to do the trip back to Fairbanks with John. This was nothing against John, but I needed to sleep, and those constant stops at coffee shops, and so on meant it would be a long drive back. Todd the Foxx was interested in sticking around another day, so he and I swapped his airplane tickets for his driving back with John. I used as an excuse that I was gearing back up for my last year (and it actually was!) of College. I am not sure John bought it.

"It was a good event. There's a marvelous photo by a young lady of me at the bardic circle done entirely in candlelight on my wall (I can't unframe it to scan it without damaging it) with Danpira standing over me -- I had no idea the photographer was even there. Anyway, despite the fu in getting to the event and my total exhaustion, I have fond memories of the event. I always liked Earngyld -- it's a beautiful place, and well worth the visit." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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