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The Eighteenth Year

October Crown Tournament
October 1-2, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (September, 1983):

OCTOBER CROWN will be held at Riverfront Park in the Shire of Vakkerfjell (Marysville CA) on 1 & 2 October.

Setup begins at 2pm on Friday, September 30. Open fires are permitted. Dogs must be on a leash.

The site fee is $1.

The park sits beside a river and has boat launching and fishing for those desiring such. The area we will be using is a large playfield and a smaller picnic area. The site has flush privies and a group-sized barbecue pit. Some smaller pits are also available. Due to the proximity of the river, parents are urged to keep a close watch on their children.

For further information, contact the autocrats:
     Michael Hugh Stuarts and Iseult Nic-Elam
     (contact info omitted)

Directions: (omitted)

THE ORDER OF ARACHNE'S WEB will have its traditional lace costume accessories contest on Saturday of October Crown. On Sunday of Crown will be the annual Arachne's Web auction. If you have lace or other fine needlework to sell, bring it to the auction. Ten per cent of the sale price goes to the Order of Arachne's Web, and the rest to the seller. For more information, contact the guildmistress, Ella du Vergne (contact info omitted).

The Bransle Montarde will be the category for October Crown's dance competition sponsored by the Ordre du Pied Argent. This is a line dance, performed in straight lines of two or three couples. As usual, the winner of the contest will be named a member of the Order. In this manner, the Order hopes to do for court dancing what the Order of the Wooden Spoon has done for period cookery. The October competition will be held on Sunday; if at all possible, before "morning court". If time permits, there will be more dancing -- for fun.

The October Crown WOODEN SPOON competition will be Nut Anything. At the request of Baroness Anne of Faire Monte, who loves hazelnuts, the Nut Anything competition will empahsize recipes which utilize a large amount of nuts. In addition to hazelnuts or filberts, there are the common garden varieties of almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, and chestnuts, and the not-so-common butternuts, pine nuts, hartnuts, hickory nuts, peanuts, and mocker nuts.

Remember to include your recipe. Also, the judging criteria are taste, appearance, authenticity of ingredients, and presentation. Do some research, too, and write it down. That always helps. Happy cooking.

Rivenoak Shire will sponsor a "Dragon's Breath" cooking contest at October Crown. Entries can be any spicy-hot dish, sweet or otherwise. Judging will be early Sunday afternoon, and the prize is a box of spices. Criteria will be taste, appearance, authenticity, originality, and appropriateness for a tourney, in that order. If there are any questions, call Morberie of Tor Denly at (contact info omitted).

From The Page (November, 1983):

The lightning flickered in the night, but if there was rain, it passed us by. Despite the unpredictable weather, it did not precipitate upon any of the three Crown Lists this year. Before and after were a different matter.

The Kingdom of the West has two new knights. At morning court on Saturday, Ronald Wilmot and Hilary of Serendip received the white belt and chain, to the cheers of the populace.

The lists were hard-fought and exciting. As added interest, there were three entrants from An Tir -- Sir Torgul Bahadur, Sir Ulfred Drömmefjell, and one other whose name I did not catch. The final three fighters in the List, all undefeated, were Sir Ronald, Sir Torgul, and Sir William the Lucky. Torgul looked just like a Mongol, TEMujin BAhadur KHAN, oKAY (you have to say it right), who competed in another event the next day. The finals were Torgul versus Lucky. Torgul won the first of the best-of-three. There was a very loud silence after it appeared Torgul had won the second bout too, as the West contemplated the prospect of an out-of-kingdom monarch. After long discussion, however, it was decided that the two blows -- Torgul's kill and Lucky's shot which disabled the killing arm -- had come too close together to decide which was first, so it was refought. Lucky took it and the last bout to be the victor.

At evening court, William and Joanne were invested as Crown Prince and Crown Princess of the West.

Other nearby kingdoms have residency requirements for participation in the Crown Lists. There was some discussion of whether the West ought to have a similar requirement, but (if I understand correctly) present and future royalty are agreed that a "foreign" king would not be a catastrophe (any kingdom which can survive having me as chronicler can survive anything), and that the present protections of the Law are sufficient -- a victor in the Crown List must intend to reign.

Saturday night, there was a variety of entertainment, most notably some expert belly dancing. One lady in particular pleased the audience with a display of coordination and grace, balancing a scimitar on her head during her dance. The next morning, at court, this lady, Kahine Dhahabiya, was admitted to the Order of the Laurel. Also admitted was Ella du Vergne, Guildmistress of Arachne's Web (lacemaking). Not to be outdone, the Order of the Pelican received two new members: Cynthia FitzColline von Schlussel, who, as clerk for Laurel King of Arms, does the paperwork for name and device submissions from all kingdoms; and Gwendolyn the Rat Keeper, head of the Water Carrier's Guild, which supplies liquid for fighters at wars.

A full list of the awards presented at this event will appear in a future issue.

Anne of Ockham won the Ordre du Pied Argent's montarde competition. Ellen of Merryvine obviously knows how to cook: she won both the Order of the Wooden Sppon's Nut Anything copetition and the dragonsbreath (hot & spicy) cooking competition sponsored by Rivenoak Shire. Brandewynne Guilford won the Arachne's Web lace accessories competition for her crocheted pouch.

Ronald Wilmot won the first-ever Chronicler's List, thereby assuring that he will NOT have to be the next Chronicler. Käthe Willig von Mainz won the Last Plantagenet history contest.

Some mean folk were heard to comment to the Crown Prince that he had set a record for dying by the winner of the Crown List. Among other demises, he was in at least two (or was it three?) double kills with James Greyhelm.

Thus endeth the Crown Tourney season for another year. There are still a few tourneys the first weekend of November, but after that it is time to huddle up about the hearth, dream of warmer times, polish up the armor, and wait hopefully through the chill months until the folk will once again gather upon the green, struggle with pavilion poles, and beat one another with sticks.

See you all at Twelfth Night!

(This chronicle was authored by the Kingdom Chronicler, Alan of Ockham)

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"First, in October of AS 18, both Torgul and Ulfred were Counts. In the copy they're both just called "sir", and second, the third An Tirian to go down that time was Dak Ulfredsson. He's now a Duke, but had just been knighted in the summer of AS 18." -- Antonio Sagomano (in An Tir)

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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