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The Eighteenth Year

Principality Games -- Principality of the Mists
August 6, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (August, 1983):

For the past two years, the Principality of the Mists has held a games tourney, and for the last two years, it has been one of the most enjoyable events of the year.

Once again we will be holding this most wonderful event. On August 6, all fun-loving people should assemble on Boyle Field in San Anselmo. The competition is team-oriented, with 3-5 fighters per side, and half again as many non-fighters. Teams will be formed at the site for persons not already on a team.

After the day's frolic, we will retire to the revel site, where the competition to select the third Bard of the Mists will be held.

Boyle Field is in San Anselmo, at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. DIRECTIONS: (omitted). Directions to the revel will be available at the games tourney or by calling the site coordinator Childeric des Vosges (phone). Games cordinator Sebastian von Baden (phone).

Bring sunshades!

Bard of the Mists

THESE BE THE DUTIES of the Bard of the Mists:

The Bard shall have a major work prepared for each major Principality event, the works to be collected in a single book to be handed from Bard to Bard. The Bard shall have a performance prepared for each major Principality event, at the request of the Coronet. The Bard shall be prepared to entertain at court and for royalty, when so required. The Bard shall establish and maintain a Bardic History of the Principality, to be added to by each successive Bard. In addition, the Bard shall establish and maintain a file of SCA bardic material, in communication with other bards of other realms, in order to be current with trends in the SCA bardic tradition. The Bard shall preside over the selection of his or her successor. The Bard shall, at all times, endeavor, by teaching and example, to exemplify the ideals of the ancient bardic tradition.

Now, be all who would compete for the Bardship of the Mists forwarned of what will be expected of one who, through skill and spirit, succeeds to that honorable position. And let these same folk be aware that the categories of the competition are fivefold:
1) Perform a period piece of song, poetry, or instrumental music;
2) Perform an original piece of song, poetry, or music;
3) Open (whatever you desire);
4) Perform an original poem or song on the subject of Man in Nature (his relationship with, feeling for, etc. I crave pardon of all those who object to my use of masculine pronouns...)
5) Tell a story whose subject matter will be determined in the traditional manner (ask someone who was there last year to tell you how we did it!).

The competition will take place at the revel following the Principality Games on August 6. For further information on the bardic aspects, please contact the Bard, Siobhan ni hEodhusa, at (phone). For further information on the logistical aspects, contact the autocrat.

'R eiddoch yn ngwasanaeth o'r Tywysogaeth Tarthau,
Siobhan, Bardd Tarthau.

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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