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The Eighteenth Year

Mists-Cynagua War -- Principality of the Mists
April 27-29, 1984 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (April, 1984):

Rally to your banners: the horns of war sound, and the ravens gather upon the field. Victory to the strong-armed and true-hearted! The hosts march on Berryessa.

The 4th mostly annual Mists-Cynagua War will take place on April 27-29 at Berryessa Boy Scout Camp, Lake Berryessa. Setup will start at noon on Friday. The site feel will be $4. A dollar will go toward gatorade, hay bales, etc.

The war will be an experimental one. Two open field battles, Mists vs Cynagua, will be followed by a continuous resurrection battle for the rest of the weekend.

The scenario will be the good Baron trying to rescue the princess from the evil Baron. There will be two resurrection points at each end. There will be an arrow-proof village, and in the village will be an arrow-proof church which will have water. Fighters can take sanctuary there for up to 15 min. Then they must either leave the field or reenter the fight. Fighters who yield may be traded or ransomed for 1/2 hour. After the 1/2 hour, the righter returns to the field from his resurrectionpoint. Fighters who are ransomed will not count toward the point total.

If this experimental scenario doesn't work, we will return to a traditional war.

Parking will be limited: car pool if possible. Spectators will be unable to view most of this war due to archers and the free-form nature of the scenario.

People interested in helping should contact the following:

Marshal in ChargeMedics
Eilis O'BoirneBrother John of the Wood
(contact info omitted)     (contact info omitted)
Water BearersAUTOCRAT
Gwendolyn the Rat Keeper  Prince Geoffrey of Griffenhold
Regnum under Chirug.see Regnum

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Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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