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The Eighteenth Year

Lucky vs. MacEanruig War - Province of the Mists
August 27, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (August, 1983):


The Lucky - MacEanruig War Memorial War
To be immortalized this summer in a battlefield near us.

Beneath the dragon's roar of BART, hearty trainees, both young and old, retire panting to the sidelines after a long evening's practice. The hoary and ancient veterans, scarred from a hundred frays, doff their battered helms and recall in rapturous tones: "Remember the Lucky - MacEanruig War?" "Ah, now that was a great war." Another doughty warrior adds, "Remember the Second Lucky - MacEanruig War, with fourteen scenarios?" "Fourteen?" squeaks the most youthful of the trainees, and is sent to the pell with, "Aye, count 'em, fourteen scenarios in one day."

Now, not being of a sort to dismiss such reminisences as mere nostalgia, the Orcan Alliance gives forth the cry, the thunder, the echoing roar (and this polite announcement) of WAR! WAR! Yes, Virginia, there will be a War this year! Welcome with eager arming the Lucky - MacEanruig Memorial War, named so in honor of those glorious wars past, and the fact that it never happened last year, due to the happy nuptials of certain persons. Rejoice in the location of this war, for it will be held at the Eucalyptus Grove on the UC Berkeley campus, on Saturday, 27 August. Come early, for the site is nonreservable. There will be waivers, signup, armor inspection; all fighters must be authorized. Due to the fire danger, no smoking, cooking, or other forms of combustian will be allowed. War rules will be read at 10am. As of this writing, the scrivener isn't entirely sure as to what is planned, but rest assured, there will be enough fighting to satisfy the most energetic orcling and enthuse the most blase urban knight. Everyone is welcome to join us in this foray: pretentious peasants, timorous trainees, the melee-mad and the average unbelted, all knights (junior, simple country, palely loitering, and otherwise); the cheering multitudes and Clan Kidney are especially welcome.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

From Lochac: Sail through Golden Gate, beach boat at Berkeley pier, go up University Ave as above.

For more information, bother William the Lucky at (phone), or contact Rowan of Essex (phone).

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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