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The Eighteenth Year

Land Fund Revel
July 30, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (August, 1983):

YE DRUNKEN DRAGON FLIES AGAIN! Come one and all for an evening of revelry and games -- and support the Land Fund at the same time. On the evening of 30 July, there will be a tavern, open to all over 21. THere will be gaming and wagering, singing and dancing, diverse entertainments and much revelry!

Entrance to the tavern is $7, which includes a "tavern token" for beer, wine and juice for the evening, and "wagering tokens" with which to play at various medieval games. You may use your winnings to bid on many delightful prizes which will be auctioned at the end of the evening. There will also be some foods available for sale.

Tickets will be offered at June Crown and at the Principality War or may be ordered by mail from Helmsgaard (address omitted). Please make checks payable to "The Land Fund". All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Land Fund of the Kingdom.

We are still looking for volunteers to be barkeepers, serving wenches, cooks, and entertainers. Also, we would appreciate donations of food and of prizes to be auctioned. If you can help in any way, please contact Duke James or Duchess Verena at the above address or at (phone).

The tavern will be located at the Castro Valley Community Center (address omitted), from 7pm to 11:30pm on 30 July. Since we are serving alcohol and gaming -- and these are controlled by mundane law -- this event is only open to people over 21 years old.

From The Page (September, 1983):

The Wobbly Wyvern

There is almost nothing more entertaining than carousing in a worthy cause. Many of the leading citizens of the West were observed doing just that, at the Land Fund Revel on 30 July. I would have caroused sooner, if the map printed in THE PAGE had been better. Talk about humiliation: I got lost following the map I had drawn myself.

Much credit for a splendid event goes to Duchess Verena, Duke James, and all their helpers. Thanks should also be given to Avery Seeker of Dragons and the many others who donated prizes. Good cheer prevailed among all the gamers, lucky and otherwise, perhaps encouraged by the steady flow of elixier (two pints make one cavort). Special mention goes to William of Hoghton, who folded a long series of rotten hands without a word of complaint. The entertainers were much appreciated by all, particularly the exotic blonde (!) bellydancer from the mysterious East (Bay) who bore a strong resemblance to Her Grace.

We can hardly wait for the next return of the Drunken Dragon.

(Not credited, one assumes this was written by the Kingdom Chronicler, Alan of Ockham)

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Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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