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The Eighteenth Year

June Crown Tournament
June 18-19, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (June, 1983):


Main autocrat: Callin of Call Duck Manor
     (contact info omitted)
co-autocrat: Käthe Willig von Mainz
     (contact info omitted)

(schedule omitted)

     The old songs are never past.
     They are always there, waiting only for you
     To open your mouth and free them.

And come to a celebration of the ancient Festival of the Bards! From 18 to 22 June, some whose cultures had a bardic tradition celebrated the perpetrators of that tradition. "There, in the presence of the kings, the nobles, and the people, the whoe mythologicaly and chronological past ... was conjured into the present by the shanachies [storytellers]." Therefore, on the night of 18 June, being the Saturday night of June Crown, the Barsdhip of the Mists will sponsor a traditional Celtic/Norse Bardic/Skaldic circle. Dust off your Tain, your Mabinogion, or your Elder Edda, tune your strings and vocal chords, and come. There will be an appropriate prize for every performer who helps create a good, traditional atmosphere, either by story, poem, or song.

Material should be from one of the aforementioned traditions, although traditional-sounding original material will be welcomed with rejoicing. And no, it doesn't have to be serious (you don't have to look far to find humor and satire in the traditions, believe me!)

Folk-type singers will be frowned upon.

Please make an effort to get something good together; this wants to be a class act, by Taliesin! I hope to see many of you there, and until I do, I remain,

'r eiddoch yn ngwasanaeth o'r Tywysogaeth Tarthau
(yours in service to the Principality of the Mists)

          Siobhan ni hEodhusa
          Bardd Tarthau

P.S. If you have questions or comments, please call (phone) and ask for ...

SARACEN, MALTESE, AND CALAFIAN BRANSLES will be the category for June Crown's dance competition sponsored by the Ordre du Pied Argent.

During this and each subsequent Crown event, the Order will conduct a competition in one dance or (as this time) a set of closely related dances. The winner of each such contest will be named a member of the Order. In this manner, the Order hopes to do for court dancing what the Order of the Wooden Spoon has done for period cookery.

The June Crown competition will be on Sunday, so fighters will have an equal chance to compete. Music (Schiarrazula Marrazula) will be provided by members of the Order. If time permits, there will be more dancing than just the competition category -- for fun.

     -- Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe

Directions to the site: (omitted)

Site layout is the same as October Crown. Only period-looking pavilions on the eric. Leave 10' walkway between your guywires and the eric. Mark all guywires with light-colored flags. If you plan to pary loud and long, please camp at the noisy end of camp.

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