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The Eighteenth Year

Ducal Prize -- Kingdom of the West
May 21-22, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (May, 1983):

The Ducal Prize Tourney, held (more or less) annually to raise money for the Land Fund of the Kingdom of the West, will take place on the 21st and 22nd of this month (May), at Gibson Ranch Park near Sacramento. Duke Paul of Bellatrix and Countess Rowena d'Anjou are organizing it this year to free Duke James and Duchess Verena for other activities.

Sponsors for competitions, as well as volunteers to assist with the details of running the tournament are being solicited. Sponsorship means that you donate a prize, set the rules for a competition by which the prize may be won, and be present at the event to conduct the competition. If you have never sponsored a competition before, and are uncertain of how to proceed, assistance is yours for the asking. Duke Paul and Countess Rowena may be reached for consultation at (phone). Some possible competitions are: weapons lists, singing, cooking, dancing, wrestling and holmgang. The list is limited only by your imagination.

Competitions so far are:

Double-weapon lists; two single-handed weapons used simultaneously, no shields. Sponsor is House BelAnjou, prize to be announced.

One-eye blinded melee; patch over one eye, any weapon(s). Sponsor is Duke Paul, prize is a bottle of fine red wine.

Off-hand weapon melee; weapon and shield combination, hold the weapon in the hand you normally do not use. Sponsor is David of Staffa, prize is a bottle of fine white wine.

Complete the riddle; a contest in which you are given the answer and must create the riddle to go with it. Sponsors are Ella du Vergne and Alan of Ockham, prize to be announced.

Tourney toys; to be toys that children may play with at a tourney and still be period. Sponsor is Duchess Verena of Laurelin, prize to be announced.

Poetry reading; poetry that reflects Medieval times or Elizabethan literature, may be recited or read, and must be limited to five minutes or less. Sponsor is Catherine of Umbria, first prize is The Dictionary of Far Places, second prize is a volume of Shakespeare's plays published in the late 19th Century (a collector's item), and third prize is a set of Tiny Tomes, by and about gnomes.

Singing; a period song, or a song in the style of the Medieval or Renaissance periods, may be solor or group. Sponsor is Countess Rowena d'Anjou, prize to be announced (but will be shareable by a group).

There is to be an auction held at the tourney, and contributions of items to be auctioned are being solicited as well.

The site is available for Friday evening set-up, parking fee $1 per car, site fee $.50/adult, children free. (directions omitted)

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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