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The Eighteenth Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of Cynagua
October 29-30, 1983 (AS XVIII)

From The Page (October, 1983):

Autumn Coronet will be held at Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park in Chico, the same site as May Coronet of last year. There are flush privies (no sinks or mirrors), and the site fee is $1 per person. Friday setup will begin about 3 pm.

Fires must be confined to the picnic area, where there is a large barbecue pit for cooking or dumping coals. As we have the picnic area reserved for Saturday and Sunday, there will be no need to carry hibachis or cooking gear back and forth, as happened last time.

Dogs must be on leash and are not permitted in the picnic area. There is a creek a few yards away which may be used for wading, but children should be carefully supervised. Also, be alert for poison oak.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed in the park. This refers to anything that might remotely be considered disposable, so plan accordingly, or you may have your supplies confiscated. Recently, at an event at a "dry" site, people who should know better left behind large quantities of beer and wine bottles with their sacks of garbage. We would like to avoid a repetition of this behavior, as no other organization has been permitted to use Bidwell Park for overnight camping, and we were told that the SCA is the only group park authorities would consider allowing that privilege. Hard liquor is NOT permitted in the park.

The meadow is small, so pavilions should be placed fairly close together. There is also some space for pavilions in among the trees that ring the meadow. The north side of the eric is reserved for the Principality Pavilion and other official pavilions such as Lists, Constables, and Gold Key. Incidentally, this meadow was the scene of the famous archery tournament in the Errol Flynn movie of Robin Hood.

This is not a closed site, so please be tolerant of mundane folk passing through, and encourage those who take an interest. Rivenoak hopes to encourage some new members through this event. We hope to have a good Bardic Circle on Saturday night in the picnic area.

Firearms are not permitted in the park.

Anone wishing to sponsor a competition or activity, please contact the autocrat, Morberie of Tor Denly (contact info omitted).

Parking will be in the lot next to the picnic area, and any overflow can park on the street. There is also a Super Shopper Market diagonally across from the entrants for shopping, gas, or additional parking. Unloading can be done from the park road near the privies, but cars cannot be left there.

Directions: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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