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The Seventeenth Year

May 1, 1982 - April 30, 1983
Anno Societatis XVII
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

May, 1982
May 1InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
May 8-9Beltane Coronation FestivalKingdom of the West
May 8Spring RevelApplegate
May 15-16West/Caid WarTarnmist
May 22Protectorate TourneySt. David
May 23Peasants' Revolt TournamentGolden Rivers
May 29-31Spring CoronetPrincipality of Cynagua
May 29-31Great Oerthan InvitationalEskalya
May 31Unbelted Knights TournamentGolden Rivers
June, 1982
June 3Demonstration at Amdahl Corp.Esfenn/Southern Shores
June 5-6Japanese TourneyFetteburg
June 5-6Champion of FetteburgFetteburg
June 5-6Warlord's TourneySouthern Shores
June 12Boar HuntTarnmist
June 12-13Pleasure FaireEskalya
June 12-13Quai de CornellFetteburg
June 19-20June Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
June 26-27Champion TourneyWestermark
July, 1982
July 10-11Tournament of HonorWolfscairn
July 10-11Summer Lord Defender of Oertha TourneyWinter's Gate
July 14Bardic RevelProvince of the Mists
July 17Summer InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
July 17-18Grand Prize Tourney and Midsummer BallTarnmist
July 18Picnic - Archery PracticeSt. Katherine
July 24Champion's TourneySunset Shire
July 24Costumer's Guild Midsummer BallProvince of the Mists
July 31St. Andrew's/Vinhold WarVinhold
August, 1982
August 1Princess' Tea/TourneyGolden Rivers
August 7Principality GamesPrincipality of the Mists
August 7Pike WarFetteburg
August 7-8Silver Desert-Starkhaven Border DisputeSilver Desert
August 13-14War of the Name (Henford vs. Henforde)Eskalya
August 14Interprovincial RevelWolfscairn
August 15Sorbert SocialTotenwald
August 21-22Purgatorio Coronation FestivalKingdom of the West
August 28Helmsgaard/Griffenhold Prize TourneyVinhold
September, 1982
September 3-5War with CaidCaid
September 10Bardic RevelProvince of the Mists
September 10-12Constable's Second Annual ReunionA'bakki
September 11-12Fall Coronet TourneyPrincipality of the Mists
September 18Mad Dog TourneyTotenwald
September 18Ravenshore Harvest BanquetWindy Meads
September 18Ratlord of ChampclairChampclair
September 18Baroness Tournament of CourtesyTarnmist
September 18-19Japanese Tourney IIFetteburg
September 19Castle DemonstrationElan
September 25Equestrian Mock Stag HuntCalderium
September 25Anniversary Revel & FeastEsfenn
September 25Captaincy TourneyWinter's Gate
September 26Arts TournamentProvince of the Mists
October, 1982
October 2Renaissance-Medieval FaireApplegate
October 2-3October Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
October 9Michaelmas FeastWinter's Gate
October 9Picnic and QuestSt. Katherine
October 9-10Octacon DemonstrationWolfscairn
October 16Tourney Demo and College RecruitmentTarnmist
October 16-17Collegium NebulorumProvince of the Mists
October 16-17Cynagua Merchants' FaireGolden Rivers
October 23-24House Bodo Revel/Conan Costume TourneyFetteburg
October 23-24Ducal Prize TourneyKingdom of the West
October 30All Hallows Feast and RevelVinhold
October 30SamhainWinter's Gate
October 30-31Fall Coronet TourneyPrincipality of Cynagua
November, 1982
November (?)QuestCollege of St. Boniface
November 6Guy Fawkes Day RevelEncinal
November 6Third Annual WinetastingCalderium
November 6-7Valhallan Day on the GreenGolden Rivers
November 13Fall InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
November 20St. David Harvest Feast and RevelSt. David
November 27Anniversary BanquetGolden Rivers
November 27House Bodo AnniversaryFetteburg
December, 1982
December 4Get Your Jingles Out RevelSouthern Shores
December 4St. Nicholas Yule RevelSt. Andrew's
December 4Anniversary Revel/Feast of St. MerykWindy Meads
December 10Ostrov Yule RevelSt. Andrew
December 10Yule FeastWinter's Gate
December 11Yule Revel VWolfscairn
December 18Christmas Anniversary RevelEsfenn
January, 1983
January 22nd Annual Midwinter Post Yule BashTotenwald
January 2Ninth Night Feast and RevelSt. Andrew
January 8Twelfth Night CoronationKingdom of the West
January 21CuriaPrincipality of the Mists
January 21-23Viking AlthingSt. Michaels
January 22-23Armor Workshop/Needlework ClassGolden Rivers
January 29InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
January 29Drop Your Borders PicnicPren Tal
January 29-30Lord Defender of Oertha TourneyEskalya
February, 1983
February 5Annual Mardi Gras Masked BallApplegate
February 5Imbolc Picnic and BarbecuePren Tal
February 12Love RevelWinter's Gate
February 12Arts PotluckProvince of the Mists
February 13Valentine's Day TourneyRowany
February 19-21Great Desert WarKingdom of Atenveldt
February 22Esfenn Sciences WorkshopEsfenn
February 26Captaincy TourneyWinter's Gate
February 26Newcomer's TourneySouthern Shores
February 26Too Late for XMas RevelTotenwald
February 27Carouse of the Dance MastersSt. Andrew
March, 1983
March 5Spring CoronetPrincipality of the Mists
March 12Mists Warmup TourneyProvince of the Mists
March 12Late Valentine RevelProvince of the Mists
March 12Arts PotluckKingdom of the West
March 12-13Championship TourneyVinhold
March 19Baroness' ChampionshipRowany
March 19-20March Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
March 22Sciences WorkshopEsfenn
April, 1983
April 1-4Rowany FestivalRowany
April 2Arbor Day TourneyTotenwald
April 2All Fools Day RevelEskalya
April 9Mists Spring BanquetPrincipality of the Mists
April 9Baroness' ChampionshipTarnmist
April 9Anniversary RevelSt. Michael
April 9Championship TourneyWindy Meads
April 9 or 16Dance WorkshopApplegate
April 12Arts PotluckKingdom of the West
April 16Championship TourneyGolden Rivers
April 16Baron's ChampionshipEskalya
April 24Prize TourneyEncinal
April 30-May 1Beltane Coronation FestivalKingdom of the West

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