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The Seventeenth Year

West-Caid War -- Kingdom of the West
May 15-16, 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (May, 1982):

War/War Maneuevers
Will the peace continue?

Their Majesties are currently in council and we anxiously await their decrees and decisions relating to the continuation of relations between teh Kingdoms.

At their majesties pleasure, the Barony of Tarnmist will provide a suitable site for the second annual meeting of the armies of the West and Caid to prove their valor on the field.

The event will be held in Rancho El Chorro Park in San Luis Obsipo, (half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles; please see map for more details). Unloading of baggage wains may begin on Friday at five P.M.

There are many different battle scenarios planned which include war archery, so don't forget your screen for your helms.

There will also be a target archery competition.

We are also planning an arts competition. It will include: Pottery-constructed or thrown
Ceramics-mold or free form
Favor design-all forms of needlework
Cooking-main dishes (meat)

Site rules are as follows:

1. All dogs must be on a leash.
2. All smalls (age of seven and under) must be at all times with a person the age of fourteen or older. There is a stream on the site and it will be fairly full at this time of year.
3. No horses.
4. No open fires, however, there are a lot of barbecue pits on site. Please bring your own charcoal or firewood as there is none available on site.

Be the decision for war continued peace, this event should provide the opportunity for a lot of fighting, carousing, and other edifying activities. Any additional information can be obtained from the autocrat, Karolyn Johnston of Lindley (contact info omitted).

My Lords and Ladies

The Dolphin Tavern, located in the village area of the war site in Tarnmist, will be serving beer and many a tasty delicacy on the weekend of May 15th and 16th.

In addition, those wishing to sell goods and wares from the far ends of the Kingdoms, can obtain a 2 day landhold in the village. Selling space for merchants is on a reserved basis only. No selling will be conducted outside the village.

For more information - contact: Karolyn Johnston (phone).

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Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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