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The Seventeenth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation Festival
January 8, 1983 (AS XVII)

From The Page (January, 1983):


TWELFTH NIGHT in the KINGDOM OF THE WEST will be held in the Shire of Esfenn, at the Hayward Centenial Hall, (address omitted). Tickets ordered before December 15th ar $7.00/adult. After that date they will be held at the door for you for the DOOR PRICE of $8.00/adult. ALL JUNIOR prices are $4.00 (6 to 12), 5 & under free. Be sure to include an SASE with your check or money order to TWELFTH NIGHT FUND (See order form). Royalty will be sent tickets (If you are Royalty from beyond the West & plan to attend, please contact the Autocrat for tickets and other arrangements).

BE IT KNOWN that NO SMOKING will be allowed in the Hall. There will be a large patio, with signs, for this purpose. Constables will ask you to go outside, if you do smoke inside. CHILDREN are the responsibility of their parents. If smalls are running about unattended, their parents will be asked to remove them. There will be a room for parents with their children, marked with signs. A list of local restaurants and motels will be sent with your tickets. There will be NO kitchen facilities at the Hall. So if you potluck with your group, plan accordingly. When you arrive at the hall, you may want to reserve your table by decorating it with your finest tablecloth, candles, greens, flowers and wine decantors. The Shire of Esfenn is sponsoring a TABLE DECORATING CONTEST with a prize of a Basket of Tourney Tableware.

BANNERS: Should yhou not be able to get your banner to Lorelyn teh Silent (phone) prior to 12th Night, please bring it to the hall and push pins will be provided so that you may place your banner on the walls.


We have some terrific Entertainment this year. Dancers, dancing, singing, two plays, Jesters, Lord/Lady of Misrule, and SCA films (film room). Of course, one of the Plays is a Westermark Play by Master Gerhardt von Nordflammen!

YE DRUNKEN DRAGON: The Land Fund Game Room will be in full swing starting at 7:00 PM until 11:30 PM. bring thy purse and enter such games as Medieval Wagering, Arm Wrestling, Board Games, Card Games and Plates. $3.00 entry fee. If you have games to loan, or can DONATE PRIZES, please contact Baron Anthony the Sinister (contact info omitted).

ARTS AND SCIENCES: will have displays in the Main Lobby. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact the Ministers of Arts and Sciences.

EQUESTRIAN ARTS: is having a soft drink booth in the Main Lobby. Please bring your coins to purchase drinks from them and help support Equestrian Arts in the Kingdom of the West.

BED AND BREAKFAST: will be available on a basis. $2.00 charge per person, paid to your host, would be appreciated. If you can provide accomodations, please furnish me with your mundane name, address, and phone number. Include available sleeping space, whether smoker/non-smoker, and a small map of your area. If you require overnight facilities, please send an SASE (include the number in your party, whether smoker/non-smoker) to EDYTHE OF MOSSY ROCK (contact info omitted).

UPON ARRIVING at the Hall: there is an unloading zone (only near the front entrance of teh Hall). We will have Constables there to assist and direct you. Please unload, and move your car to the parking lot quickly so the next car can unload. Constables will also direct you to the parking lot.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

The autocrat, Mistress Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, can be reached at (phone).

Attention Please!

Due to the city of Haward's fire marshal regulations, we will not be able to display open flame candles at Twelfth Night unless they are surrounded by glass with a two-inch clearance between the top of the glass and the open flame. Candle lanters would be acceptable.

Thomas the Incomplete
Or, issuant from sinister three
bendlets couped in pale azure.
Trista de Cordoba
Argent, three roses conjoined azure,
barbed vert, seeded argent, in
dexter base a goute de larme.
Thomas' Arms by Morgan ap Siarl,
Trista's Arms by Evaine MacGreger

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