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The Seventeenth Year

Picnic - Kingdom Archery Practice - St. Katherine
July 18, 1982

From The Page (July, 1982):

The College of St. Katherine in conspiracy cooperation with the Kingdom and Principality Archers will be holding a picnic and missile weapon practice at Bort Meadow (formerly Big Trees) on Sunday July 18.

For the picnic bring your own drinks (intoxicant or otherwise) and a food dish or food item for 5-10 people, as the picnic will be pot-luck. Here's an opportunity to try out recipes for future Wooden Spoon competitions and get feedback from people.

There will be dancing and medieval field games such as fox and geese (if anyone can remember how to play). There will be targets for target archery, too.

Bring your bows, arrows, javelins, darts, slings and arquebusses that are combat legal, and, of course, your archery armor.

The site is the same as June Crown, so look that up for directions. For further information, call Deirdre de Gildelyn (pone) or Carl of the Crossbow (phone) or the Kingdom or Principality Archers.

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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