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The Seventeenth Year

Quest -- College of St. Boniface
November (?), 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (November, 1982):


We, the Red Inperylaests, do begg yor mersie and ade. We synserlie apawlagys for cidnaping yer senishal, Mistres Morgawna.

Wer RELEY sori. We didnt nowe wat we wer up aginst. She's dryving us crazie. She wont stawp talking. She keeps korecting the way we tawc and is allwayse bothering us fer moor Coke (we ran out 2 daise ago), and her cat iz stinking up the playse (we fergot ta get kitti litter).

PLEEZ take her off are hanz. Wee promys weel never bother yu agen. Weel go hide in the hilz forever. We cant get hur owt areselves tho. Sheez locked in Highkeep (where we drowv away Edmund aftur he singlhandedlie killed 6 of are people) but we lost thu key. Awl yu have to du is get it bac. We left it and 2 fakes so wel garded, we cant get um bac. Just do thys for us and weel get the hec out of Oairthu.

Yor imploring FRENDZ,

The Red Imperyalests

[Boy, it was hard to not correct the spelling of this when typing it in -- it was almost painful to read ... -- Hirsch]

Personal Reminisces:

"The College of St. Boniface had the idea to hold a Quest. We'd never run one before, but some of us had been to a few in Eskalya, and some of us were gamers, so we understood the concepts. I would almost swear this was in October or something, earlier in the year than November, but the copy above was in the November Page, and nothing in earlier issues. (There was no snow on the ground, I remember that!)

"We ended up with some of the Selviergard "trolls" coming up for a visit for this event, which was fun. I always enjoyed them, because they had a different take on the SCA than most people, and that made me step back and think about it. They always tryed to enjoy themselves at events, no matter what else was going on.

"For the quest, the idea was that the Seneschal of Winter's Gate had been kidnapped, and that in order to free her the party of adventurers had to find the key. We set up the quest at Edmund's father's house up in the hills outside of the town, and there was a lot of room to spread out. Stations were set up with various obstacles, including a witch and more. (I seem to recall that at one station someone could get turned into a pig, probably by the witch, but it was many years ago now ...)

"We set the quest up to be "free form" -- meaning that the different teams were sent out at the same time in different directions, with at least one clue to get them started, and then they had to take it from there, based on their encounters.

"This worked well, but after about 1 hour (we had planned on several hours for this), one team managed to win. They found the key, freed the seneshcal ... so, we called the teams in, and got back from out in the woods a cry of "NO! We're having FUN!" Um. Okay. So we let them go until they felt like they were done. What else could we do?

"The evening had a bardic circle, dancing, a feast of some sort, but I can't recall -- probably a potluck dinner -- we were college students, after all." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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