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The Seventeenth Year

Lord Defender of Oertha Tourney
January 29-30, 1983 (AS XVII)

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Eric Bearsbane
(Lord Defender of Oertha)

Sable, a lion, tail nowed, argent
and a griffin combattant and in
chief a compass star Or.
Marthe the Aardvarkkeeper
(Lady of the Snows)

(No arms registered)
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Viscountess Anne of Bradford was going through some of Kylson Skyfyre's old "stuff", and found this report from the midwinter Lord Defender's Tournament:

From a report by Antadina Exeter du Nordlac MIT to Sir Kylson Skyfyre KM

Fighters: Sean of Eaglerest
Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood
Edmund de Montfort of Highkeep
Eric Bearsbane finalist victor
Avaloc the Younger
Brendan Shimmeringstar finalist
Gregory de Montfort
Irone of the Blue Star
Donnan the Truehearted
Shapur Abdul Hassan Hussein
Afnar Nithandril  Nevel
Drako Solorb
Flynx van Halen

Marshals: Kylson Skyfyre & Ulrich Von Matanuska.

Heralds: Wolf Feder Weiss, Lazerina de Montfort, Antadina Exeter du Nordlac

Mistress of the lists: Fanchion Mountaintamer

From The Guardian, February AS VII (1983)
Lord Eric Bearsbane and Marthe the Aardvark Keeper are the new Lord Defender of Oertha and Lady of the Snows after a tourney and circletting which were two of the highlights of a weekend filled with fighting, feasting, and fun.

Fourteen fighters from all parts of Oertha competed in the tourney the on the morning of January 29, in which Lord Eric was victorious. During the afternoon, there were melees outdoors and dancing within. During the final court of Sir Kylson and December and the circletting of Lord Eric and Marthe, various awards and presentations were given. Decembre released her janissaries and Marthe called forward Sean of Eaglerest, Rellik Toong, Alicianne (Turtle) de Montfort of Sprucewood, and Irone of the Blue Star to serve as new janissaries. In the court of Lord Eric and Marthe, Lord Jonathan of Starfyre was entrusted with the responsibility of Aardvark Keeper while Marthe was serving as Lady of the Snows.

Feasting followed the court, with excellent entertainment provided by a local madrigal group. Bardic ran until the hall closed at midnight for cleanup.

The next day was taken up by the curia meeting; unhappily, the length of the meeting precluded the occurrence of the collegium scheduled for the afternoon. Later in the day, most of the visitors departed for their homes.

Our thanks to the autocrats, Mistress Sharane and Lord Fyodor, and to all the others who cooked, hosted guests, and performed all of the other tasks that served to make the event more enjoyable for all.

Personal Reminisces:

"This event was a wierd one for me. Three weeks before, at Kingdom Twelfth Night, I had been named a member of the Order of the Laurel, in absentia (something I am glad is no longer done, but at the time no one thought it was a problem). A lot of Oerthans had attended that event, but I was in college and couldn't afford the trip. I was envious, but oh well. Everyone but ONE PERSON was told "Don't tell Hirsch about his Laurel!" because they wanted to surprise me with it. The problem is, the one person they forgot to tell didn't think about it ... he was talking about how cool the event was, the herald's meeting the next day, etc., and as he left my dorm room he said something like "Oh, and by the way, congratulations on your laurel!" This stopped me dead in my tracks ...

"I walked two doors down the hall to the room of my friend Wolf Federweiss, and asked him about it, since he had gone to the event (this would, of course, explain why he was cagey when I asked about any Oerthans who got awards - I wasn't expecting anything for me, I was just hoping someone I knew had been recognized ... anyone!). He said "Who told?" Sigh. So I found out three weeks in advance of when I was supposed to.

"I decided to be prepared, and ordered a Laurel Medallion from Raymond's Quiet Press (to the best of my knowledge that medallion is still in Oertha, as I had passed it on to a friend when she got Laurelled), and had a little time to adjust to this cool change in status. At the time there was only one other Laurel in Oertha, so that was just plain spiffy to me. Of course, as I was a Laurel for my jewelry, one might wonder why I didn't make my own medallion. The answer? I have no idea. For some reason the idea just never popped into my fuzzy head.

"So we got to the event. At this point I was doing a lot of heraldry, but I don't think I was yet the Stellanordica Herald. So I did courts, and all that. I had to protect the poor guy who told me about my Laurel, several people offered to kill him. I had to tell them it was just a simple mistake.

"The tourney happened, and in evening court, before Kylson and Eitel stepped down as Lord Defender and Lady of the Snows, my Laurel ceremony happened with Kylson and Eitel filling in for the Crown (this was arranged in advance). Despite having had three weeks to get used to the idea that I was a Laurel (the date of the recognition is that 12th Night), I got weak in the knees during the fealty ceremony, the whole bit. It was touching and I still mist over a bit thinking about it. The worse part is that I had to do the court right after that one, and I didn't have much time to get over the mental state from the ceremony. It wasn't my best court, but I think everyone was okay with that.

"It will of course be a special event to me, because of that ceremony." -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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