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The Seventeenth Year

Summer Lord Defender of Oertha Tourney
July 10-11, 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (May, 1982):

Greetings, gentle lords and ladies!

This summer the Lord Defender's Tourney will be held July 10th and 11th in the Province of Winter's Gate. Lord Mixial Medevedev is Kieva and Lady Katriona Gwen Fergus are the co-autocrats. The agenda for the two days will be something like this:

(schedule omitted)

The tourney will be round robin with the winner determined by the number of deaths accumulated. To enter the tourney you must first have shown some knowledge in the five courtly qualities a peer of the realm must have. These are:
Chess: Know the pieces and their moves.
Dance: Be able to do one circle dance and one court dance.
Literature: Be able to tell a medieval tale.
Music: Be able to identify the instruments played at court (recorder, mandolin, etc.).
Heraldry: Know the colors and metals, basic field divisions, some charges, basic heraldic practices, and be able to blazon your device. If you have no device, you will be asked to blazon the Kingdom of the West device.

The tourney will have a shieldless round and a "your choice" round. In essence, the tourney will be identical to the winter LD tourney with a few modifications to help speed up the fighting. Primarily, you will fight all your shieldless fights before going into the "your choice" round. We will try to have everybody fight everybody, but if the number of fighters is too large we will break teh fighting into two separate erics.

Please try to cover up mundane pieces of armor, such as hocky pads. It is very easy to do and you look a whole lot better. It would also be appreciated if all fighters had a device on their shield, armor, or surcote. But remember, if you have one, it must be heraldically correct by the rules of heraldry used in the SCA. I would rather see blank shields than improper devices.

The cooking contests at the tourney will be seafoods, pasties, and desserts with no dairy products or refined sugar. Please make a least a dozen pastries.


Bardic: Mytheopic and hsitorical songs, ballads, poems. Most imaginative, most artistic, most authentic, most humorous, "peoples' choice".
Armor: Best authentic arms/armor, best SCA armor, best authentic bow and/or arrows.
Gaming: Must enter each of five categories at least once; the winner will be based on the number of games won.
Herbalism: open. There will probably be a "Picked on Site" category.
Open: Arts and Sciences -- a chance to show off your work. All entries will be judged on an individual basis.

People are needed to judge, create exact rules, and provide prizes for the contests. If interested, please contact:
Hirsch von Henford
Oerthan Regional Minister of Arts
(contact info omitted)
Adam Elfchaser
Oerthan Regional Minister of Sciences
(contact info omitted)

We are also looking into establishing a position similar to the Bard in the Principality of the Mists. If anyone has any comments or suggestions on how we should go about this, please let us know.

The boffer tourney will be open to children between the ages of 10 and 14. This will be a prize tourney, with the prize to be determined later, but before the tourney. Children will be asked to provide their own body armor (some form of light padding). We will provide the helms, shields, and weapons.

If anyone has any contests they wish to sponsor, please notify the autocrats by April 15. NO contests will be accepted after that date.

As a final note, I challenge any fighter who wishes to be challenged to a duel with greatsword or hand-and-a-half sword after the tourney.

Yours in service to the West, the Crown, and Oertha,

Brendan Shimmeringstar, Lord Defender of Oertha
(contact info omitted)

Queen of Love and Beauty
Danpira Snowsong
(contact info omitted)

(contact info omitted)

Kylson Skyfyre
(Lord Defender of the North)

Azure, a unicorn rampant argent,
crined Or, on a chief arched Or
three snowflakes azure.
December Eitel
(Lady of the Snows)

(No arms registered)
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Personal Reminisces:

"Earlier this summer I actually got into armor, and tried fighting. I wasn't very good at it, and really was doing it because the lady I was dating was interested in my winning a tournament for her. I don't recall if I actually entered this list. I only remember bits and pieces of the event.

"Besides Kylson winning for Eitel (whom I eventually started dating in a long-distance relationship as she lived in Eskalya, and I was in Winter's Gate -- a distance of 350 to 400 miles by highway ...), Robert Kinslayer and Freydis Tollefsdottir visited this event.

"This was the first year of the Alaskan Oil Dividends, and I had $1,000! I ended up spending a good chunk of it to have Robert make me a full set of plate armor. Good grief. By the time it arrived (and this is no slam on Robert -- this stuff takes time, and he did good work) I had decided I didn't want to fight anymore (my lady and I had broken up and I had no more incentive to fight), and I had to sell it to someone else (who eventually sold it off in parts, probably made more money off it than I did -- I know I didn't get what I paid ...). D'oh!

"So much for my attempts at learning to fight. I have more respect for SCA fighters though, having gotten into armor for awhile, and tried it. That's a lot harder to do than it might look!" -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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