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The Seventeenth Year

Mists Games -- Principality of the Mists
August 7, 1982

From The Page (August, 1982):

PRINCIPAITY OF THE MISTS ANNUAL GAMES TOURNEY will begin at 10 am prompty on the "Airplane Field" in Tilden Park. Teams of no more than seven (7) people will compete in eighteen contests to determine the victor of the Games. The theme of these games is the various activities that are needed in war (coordination, strategy, brute strength, etc.)

"Treasure" tryst   Water relay
Team melee   Gambling
Hunker-hauser   Tug of War
Blind melee (guided by
  team-mate from side)   Archery lofting
Two handed weapon melee     (blunt arrows)
Javelin toss   Medic / body looting
Message relay     relay (move armored
Wrestling     fighter and disarm)
Chess   Egg toss

There will be a contest for best sketch or drawing of the tourney, judged at the revel. The Guild of the Elephant will be holding a chess tourney as well. The revel will be at St. Mark's Church in Berkeley starting at 5 pm. The Principality Bardic Competition will be held at that site.

(directions omitted)

For further information contact the autocrat: Richard of Seahaven (contact info omitted).

The competition for the position of Bard of the Mists will take place at the revel following the Principality Games, on August 7. The format will be basically the same as that used last year. Those entering the competition should have entries prepared in the following categories:

1) period piece or song, poetry, or music,
2) original piece or song, poetry, or music,
3) period song or poem on the theme of "The Seven Deadly Virtues",
4) open category, also, there will be, as last year,
5) impromptu story telling on a subject to be announced at the event.

Please note that entrise do not have to be epic or serious. The ability to evoke a variety of moods is part of the skill of the bard, and satires were a developed poetic form in the Irish tradition...

It should be kept in mind by entrants that the position of Bard of the Mists is not purely honorary, and does carry with it certain responsibilities, the chief of which are: to have a major piece prepared for each major Principality event; to be prepared to entertain at the request of the Coronet; to keep the Bardic History of the Principality; and of course at all times to try to exemplify the Bardic tradition.

While this sounds like a lot of work - and in some ways is - I have found during my tenure that once you get into it, the position can also be a lot of fun. So while prospective entrants should be aware that there are definite duties that go along with the position, they should not be discouraged by this, as it is also very rewarding.

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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