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The Seventeenth Year

March Crown Tournament
March 19-20, 1983 (AS XVII)

From The Page (March, 1983):

March Crown will be held in Grant Ranch Park in San Jose on March 19 and 20. The site will be open for setup on Friday afternoon. The site fee will be $2 per person, which will cover the park's parking and overnight camping fees. The site will probably be cold at night, so bring warm garb and extra blankets. The autocrat is Ella du Vergne (phone).

Tentative schedule


The following contests are planned:

Stews (sponsored by the Order of the Wooden Spoon)
Paper Art for smalls (by Jania of Call Duck Manner)
Stiched Banners (by Embroiderer's Guild)
Tourney Dinner contest and auction (by Rivenoak Shire)
Best New Tourney Costume (by Porfire Porfirevich Part'noy)

Flighters planning to fight in the lists MUST bring a lists shield with their arms painted on the front and their name on the back. Fighters without passed devices should bring blank shields.

Costume Competition

The costume must be worn for the first time. It may come from any appropriate time frame and be made from any period fabric. The judge will be looking for ease of wearing, sturdiness, and how well it protects its wearer from the elements. The prize is for the maker of the costume, who need not be the wearer of it. For more information, call Porfirevich at home at (phone) in the evening.

Chili and Corn Bread

House Griffinhold will be offering chili and homemade cornbread for your dinner-time pleasure at March Crown. We will start serving shortly after the end of the Crown lists. Prices are not yet set, but will be within the reach of the most destitute noble. Half the proceeds will go to the Land Fund. Lords and Ladies, here's your chance to get a jump on the evening's revelry and avoid a pile of dirty pots and pans.

Cooking Contest and Auction

Rivenoak Shire will be sponsoring a cooking contest for a tourney meal for six, including beverage and dessert. All entries will be auctioned off to benefit the Shire. Entries will be judged on the basis of taste, practicality, appearance, and authenticity, in that order. There will also be a prize for the entry that takes the highest bid. We offer it as a challenge ot the individual cook to determine what constitutes a full meal suitable for a tournament, and we hope to see a wide variety of entries.

Children's Art Contest

Theme: The Renaissance on Paper
All children age 12 and younger are invited to submit anything done on or with paper. Each child will receive a prize judged on the effort and care shown, rather than in comparison with the other entries.
First prize: large decorated horse cookie
Second prize: elephant cookie
Third prize: duck cookie
A small embroidered belt pouch will be awarded for the item most representative of the times. Parents are encouraged to supply parchment-like paper and the medium the child is best able to handle. Items done with felt-tip pens and pictures of airplanes will not be acceptable.
Entriee with name and age should be turned in to Jania of Call Duck Manor (look for banner with white duck) Saturday morning. Prizes will be announced at evening court Saturday. For more information, call Jania at (phone).

Banner Competition

The Embroiderer's Guild will hold a stitched banner competition on Saturday. Banners may be appliqued, embroidered, pieced, quilted or lace. Painted banners will not be judged. Judging will be based on skill of stitchery as well as heraldic accuracy. Entries must be turned in with blazon of the device to Ella du Vergne or Vashti Brianna-Archer by 3 pm Saturday.

THE MARCH CROWN WOODEN SPOON competition will be Stew. Your stew can be anything from a simple sauce with chunks of meat in it to the more chaotic and varied variety using everything from the kitchen trough. If you are really adventurous, you could try venison stew, stwde Lumbarde, or conyngges stewed. Anyway, cook up a pot of your favorite stew and enter the competition. Remember to bring the recipe.

Watch future PAGES for the Wooden Spoon calendar.

Principality Auction

The Principality of the Mists will auction off the contents of the Lost and Found on Sunday.

Directions: (omitted)

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