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The Seventeenth Year

Valhalan Day on the Green -- Golden Rivers
November 6-7, 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (October, 1982):

Come one, come all! Come cross with us the rainbow bridge and experience a Valhalan Day on the Green. Valhalan Day on the Green is a viking prize tourney featuring several games and contests of a Nordic nature. It will be held at Orangevale Park, the site of the Ducal Prize Tourney this year.

The contests for this year are to include: fighting; a bastard sword competition, an unbelted lists (prize to be announced, but it will NOT be a shirt of chainmail this year), ship to ship fights, and the Ragnorok Melee. There will also be some last minute competitions announced on site. Arts; on-site embroider (bring your materials, all work to be done at the tourney), runic calligraphy, skaldic storytelling, brewing - Glog (spiced wines; be sure your spices are documented as being available to Vikings), and cooking--one pot dishes, or "Can I really cook it in my helmet?" Entrants in the brewing and cooking contests will be judged in authenticity and presentation as well as taste. Last but not least there will be a Viking costume contest.

Fun: The return of the ever-popular Bear Pit Wrestling and the infamous Persona contest! For this entrants must submit a written history of their persona's life and be prepared to remain "in persona" for the entire tourney.

There will be a potluck on Saturday night> Mundane last initials A-E bring bread, F-J bring salads, K-O bring a main dish, P-T bring a vegetable dish, and U-Z bring cakes and desserts. Bring your own drinks and please, if possible, bring tables. We'll need them.

(directions omitted) There will be a site fee of $2. We guarantee a fabulous time for all. Come out and have fun!

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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