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The Seventeenth Year

Prize Tourney -- Encinal
April 24, 1983 (AS XVII)

From The Page (April, 1983):



1 Impending West-Caid War, available from your local butcher.
1 Much sought-after prize: a shield made by His Highness Ronald Wilmot, Prince of the Mists, and emblazoned by Richard Blackbury, Encinal Arts and Sciences.

A proper portion of proud and perfect perambulating populace (Barbarians: please wear tails).

1 Dash of spring, home-grown, of course.

Begin with a generous base of Murphy Park in Sunnyvale [see map], and fold in some revelry, games, and a lists signup starting at 8 am. Whip to a smooth consistency till 11 am when the armor will be inspected and preparations are made for the prize list at noon. Hold the assembled list on the range (we prefer the eric type) until a winner rises to the top. Decorate profusely with prize and accolades, andmix all the rest of the ingredients in various war-related melees. Top with a final melee trimmed with a body-looting competition. Serve with various side dishes, including:
A Lace Competition: some form of lace that includes beads and is of a pattern of your own devising.
A War Cry/Cheer Contest: some inspired verbiage to incite our lads and lasses to higher plains of glory and honor.
A War Snack Competition: some tasty and manageable goodies for our modern warrior on the go.

Add whatever else we can think of.

Wrap it all up on Sunday 24 April. Sit back and enjoy. For more information on this recipe or its ingredients, call the autocrat: Llelyn Dyfddnwld (contact info omitted). Bon appetit.

Directions: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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