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The Seventeenth Year

Collegium Nebulorum -- Province of the Mists
October 16-17, 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (October, 1982):

Collegium Nebulorum


This year's session of the Collegium Nebulorum will be held on October 16 and 17, on the U.C. Berkeley Campus. Registration will begin at 8:30 am on Saturday in the Main Lobby of Dwinelle Hall, and classes will begin at 9:00. A registration fee of $2.00 will cover attendance at an unlimited number of classes. If you plan to take the recorder class, please bring your recorder or arrange to borrow one. If you plan to take the calligraphy class, there will be an additional materials fee of about $2.00.

This year's addition to the Collegium program is a day-long series of lectures and seminars taught especially for those who have been in the SCA for a short time. This session will be taught by a team of teachers, which will include Maythen of Elfhaven, Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse, Eilis O'Boirne, Frederick of Holland, Gwendolyn the Ratkeeper, and Keridwen o'r Mynydd Gwyrdd. The lectures will vary in length according to the topic, and there will be opportunities for question-and-answer periods.

The war College will be in session on Sunday, and classes on a variety of other topics are offerred. A tentative schedule is included below.

Bring food for lunch and dinner, or plan to eat at one of the restaurants in the campus area. There may be inexpensive food and drink available at the Registration desk during the lunch break. There will also be a soup kitchen at the revel.

The site for the revel will be announced later. It will probably be within walking distance of the campus. The revel will feature dancing and a bardic circle.

For further information, contact the autocrats, Maythen of Elfhaven (phone), Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor (phone), and Keridwen o'r Mynydd Gwyrdd (phone).

From The Page (December, 1982):

Nearly One hundred students attended Collegium Nebulorum on October 16 & 17, in St. Katherines. The weather cooperated, and if SCA time prevailed for much of the weekend, it caused no serious problems.

All classes were well attended, with beginning Recorder (to my knowledge) being the smallest, at four students. This is understandable, the number of persons who own a recorder and do not play is rather small. (PAGE Chronicler's note: That's me!)

The incipient musicians worked diligently, but after an hour and a half of furtive and not-so-furtive glancing at fingering charts, we, er, they decided not to inflict a performance upon the College in general.

Other classes had a minimum of eight or ten students. Autocratting, run by Gwendolyn the Ratkeeper - sans Rat for the day - was well attended. Although there was some disquiet among the students when she threatened to turn the attendance list over to the Kingdom Seneschal.

Mistress Hilary taught an unexpected class on period headgear, which was summarized by a lull in the Newcomer's Track. Period veils and wimples are surprisingly easy, and can turn a simple caftan into very period-seeming garb, as was demonstrated on Mistress Kathe, who lent her head for demonstration.

Newcomer's Track was filled to the rafters on Saturday, as was the War College on Sunday; every time I poked my head into either, there were people on the floor for lack of desks.

Mistress Eriod of Eire gave a talk on Archetypes of Kingship on Saturday afternoon. The Powers-That-Be gave her an unrivaled slot to herself at the end of the day, on the theory that everyone would want to attend. This theory was for the most part correct, so we all marched outside and settled down on a grassy slope to partake of knowledge. Mistress Eriod began with historical archetypes, speaking long and well, interrupted only periodically by a large concatenation of enemy troops that encroached upon our territory, rudely blaring martial music. His Grace, Duke James Greyhelm, fiercely glared and rattled his sword, and then, obviously recognizing him and fearing his reknowned skill and ferocity in battle, turned a corner, beating a hasty and fearful retreat.

After a short break, we removed to a sunnier, drier lawn and the Lady continued with SCA archetypes. She explained the responsibilities of Kingship as they apply to the Society, and the Historical basis for what the populace expects of the King, and why they expect it. She concluded to a resounding applause, and most of the asembled students trooped off to the Revel.

Since the schedule from Saturday followed what was printed with accuracy, the fates retaliated with a vengeance on Sunday. When my group arrived, at about 12:30, it was to find Lady Ingrid the Fair and Helen the Difficult furiously collating and stapling information packets for Ingrid's 9:00 am class on Viking Ships. War heraldry was also delayed, and inserted opposite Advanced Costuming.

Keridwen's costuming class was quite informative, especially since many of the students were experienced constumers, and contributed useful comments and anectdotes to the lecture. Who spoke of gaarb versus costume, and tailored patterns versus geometric paterns, the latter being deceivingly simple, and a great savings in cloth in that there is very little waste. (I propose we all bombard Mistress Keridwen with letters asking her to translate her class into a long article for the PAGE, with lots of illustrations. Many, many, many of us could benefit from it. About half pleading, half threatening should do the trick.)

On a more impromptu note, while all the fighters were busying themselves with extending the War College simply hours past it's limit, their Ladies congreated below, in front of the Registration Desk, and amused each other with the singing of bawdy songs. Lady Liala Alacran and Kathleen MacDonald treated us to two new ladies verses to "Roll Your Leg Over", and Lady Dierdre d"Gildelyne shared several songs particular to St. Katherine's, one or two of which were ... uh, in praise of Seneschals, to the obvious ... delight? of the four seneschals present.

On a more provisional note, the Shire of Totenwald and the Protectorate of Encinal took responsibility for the prevention of dehydration and starvation, respectively, among attendees. (Munchies and drinks were set up downstairs, where we were,while the fighters were talking upstairs; ladies are not ignorant.)

All in all, the Collegium was one of our more successful events. We attracted many mundane studenst of St. Katherine's, who hopefully will follow up on their days of enjoyment, and join St. Katherine's Society. I also hope that all of you who are reading this, and cursing the twists of fate that prevented you from attending, will be sure to do yourselves the favor of attending in the future. See you all at next Collegium!

(This chronicle was authored by Gwynllian de Montaigne)

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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