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The Seventeenth Year

Ratlord Tourney -- Champclair
September 18, 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (September, 1982):

The Shire of Champclair wishes to invite all and sundry to its Ratlord Tourney and Revel on Saturday 18. (This tourney was previously listed in the Page for August 28.) We wish to give the illustrious title of "The Ratlord of Champclair" with all the appropriate trappings of the office to some lucky fighter who wishes to protect the proverbial garderobe rats in this new shire.

There will be various rat related contests. The best Rat Anything: costume, dance, song, poem, or even food. Be imaginative! We are also looking forward to the musical food competition. You must be able to make semi-musical tones with your food, and eat the instrument when finished with your audition. You may use anything from grass and celery to hotdogs--again, use your imagination! Also, table decorating with a rat theme, so bring your tablecloths and your imagination. There will also be a Rat Race: show us how good you are at running the gambit. We will supply the whiskers and tails, you provide the runners (or crawlers, as the case may be).

Although the revel site is VERY discreetly wet, the tourney site is not; there must be a picnic to accompany the alcohol. So dazzle the mundanes with a Medieval Picnic!

On the subject of mundanes, this park is very busy on Saturday. Please do not bring valuables or leave your site unattended.

The list signup will begin at 10, the list will begin about 11:30 depending on present royalty and their wishes for court. The site is non-reserable so early arrival is necessary. The marshal in charge will be Sir Brandon d'Arindel who is seeking volunteer marshals. If time allows after the lists are completed the remainder of the day will be devoted to war practice and melees.

The revel will be a Potluck feast. We wish to continue the feast idea that has proven very successful in the recent past. Bring a dish that serves 5-7 people. We have found that if possible tat meats server easier and further if they are pre-sliced, or pre-carcassed. Please limit salads and breads. A feast is only as good as you make it. This means that it is not a good idea to sift through the ice chest and produce wet cheese to feed 5-7 people. If you need help or suggestions for food please contact Lady Berengaria of Hythe, listed below, who will be organizing a feast list.

The revel site is located across the hall from the mall security office. Consequently, alcoholic beverages must not be visible at anytime, anywhere on the premises.

Please contact the autocrats for crash space, questions or suggestionst that might enhance our Ratlord tourney and feast. Lady Berengaria of Hyth (contact info). Also Ava Tudine of Tregoenning (contact info) or Chalisa (contact info).

Directions (omitted).

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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