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The Seventeenth Year

Beltane Coronation Festival
April 30-May 1, 1983 (AS XVII-AS XVIII)

From The Page (April, 1983):

May Coronation will be April 30 and May 1 at Bort Meadows/Big Trees. Setup will begin about 3 pm Friday evening. The gate fee will be $2 per person to cover expenses. Opening court is scheduled for 10 am Saturday. Site setup will be in the same place as October Crown.


Most period encampment (the first in an ongoing series of competitions). Sponsor: House Bodo.

On-site counted-thread embroidery. Sponsor: Kingdom Sciences.

Children's trash gathering. Sponsor: Dragon the Green.

THE BELTANE WOODEN SPOON competition will be egg dishes. Springtime is when chickens and other fowle increase their laying, so it is a perfect time to explore the diversities of eggs, cooked or raw. If you have a source for duck, goose or other fowle, besides chicken, eggs, go ahead and use them. Be sure to include your recipe with your entry. Now hard-cook, soft-cook, stuff, coddle, poach, shir, fry, scramble or bake them to your heart's content.

Arts/Sciences competition: Metalwork (not armor or jewelry)
Non-metallic jewelry   Paint/ink making

Entries for the Arts/Sciences competition will be turned in to Käthe's pavilion (at Arts/Sciences sign) at noon on Saturday. Immediately following will be a Queen's viewing of the entries, populace invited. Judging will follow.

Calligraphy text: Be it known to all and sundry that, having entered into the Arts & Sciences Championship, and having shown exceeding great skill, [leave blank for name] clearly has no equal in [leave blank for category] in all the Kingdom. Proven this [blank] day of [blank], A.S. [blank], being hereto attested and signed by our hands.
[leave space for name]     King of the West
[leave space for name]     Queen of the West
[leave space for name]     Minister of Arts
[leave space for name]     Minister of Sciences

This will be used for winners in each category of the Arts and Sciences competition this year, and will be reproduced in black on white or parchment. It will need something for a border. Maximum size 11" x 14" (including margins).

St. Catherine's and the Westermark will provide a tavern beginning Friday night.

On Sunday at Beltane the Ministry of Arts will hold its annual fund-raising auction. Donations of items to be auctioned are desperately needed. Contact Mariposa de los Montoya [see Great Officers listing].

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, particularly by those attending Mists Fall Investiture, there will be a helm lunch auction at Beltane Coronation. In this auction, the Lords will prepare the lunches and the ladies will be buying them.

Lords, you do not have to cook the lunch in your helm. If you do not have a helm, borrow one or be creative. Ladies, I have started saving my coins already -- some of the Lords in this Kingdom are outstanding cooks.

Proceeds of this auction will be donated to the Kingdom Land Fund. If you have any questions, please contact the sponsor: Ingrid the Fair (contact info omitted).

From The Page (June, 1983):


Spring is here! Break out your ice chests and sun tan lotion. Come celebrate with us! Come dance through the fields, feel the gentle breeze run playfully through your hair, breathe in the delightful aroma of new Spring flowers, enjoy the sunshine that gently warms ...

Well, that was what it was supposed to be like. Says so right here in the brochure. Of course, the gentleman who wrote the brochure was in Hawaii that weekend, but surely that was but a coincidence.

Be that as it may, the one word that best describes this year's Beltane is wet. It is rumored that a petition was circulating around noon -- when the Royalty were still not in evidence -- to deliver Radnor his crown by courier so everybody could go home, but no such luck.

I was traveling with the autocrats, so we were the first ones through the gate, with the prospect of having to be the last ones out of it. It was raining of course, and the first task ahead of us was to remove a primeval tree that had decided to fall across an access road. Luckily, enough foolhardy souls had actually arrived early that we could put up a good fight. With the aid of strong backs and sharp blades, egged on by fierce battlecries, we finally triumphed over our fell foe.

Another interesting statistic is that as we drove across the "road" that bisected the site, some poor soul's truck, I think it was about the sixth vehicle in, got stuck in the mire and had to be pushed. The sixth vehicle, mind you, out of at least a couple of hundred, not counting the fact that many traveled in and out several times during the weekend. Suffice it to say that those camped near the road got more exericise than they'd counted on.

By Saturday, the whole site had turned into a river delta, emptying into a rather deep ditch that ran across in front of the privies. One major tributary flowed merrily down the center of the fighting field. The ranger -- who was very cooperative and very much in evidence all weeekend -- provided a board about eigh inches by four to bridge the stream, more or less, and another, slightly narrower, to span the three-foot chasm by the privies.

That's not a joke. There's nothing more serious than having to get up in the middle of a dark, rainy night to make an emergency run, and be faced with a narrow, slippery, mudcoated catwalk between you and your goal. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was all a plot by the autocrats to save money on toilet paper.

The access road was the major obstacle to common travel about the camp. A number of odd-sized boards were laid across the quicksand at the entrance (anybody missing a car? -- that's the first place I'd advise looking), supplemented by stray branches from the fallen tree. It helped level off the frequency of stuck-and-sinking conveyances, but that was about it.

There was a court in there somewhere. During one of the dry, er, non-raining periods. Coronation went well, with King Radnor graciously giving permission for those swearing fealty to sort of crouch instead of actually kneeling.

To those of you who were there, you have my sympathy. To those who were not, congratulations. June Crown has been scheduled for the same site. Maybe if we all put in swimming pools, and watered our lawns every day, we could start a drought ... No, I still remember Purgatorio last year. Well, bring your galoshes and hope. See you at Crown.

(This chronicle was authored by Brandewynne Guilford)

From The Page (September, 1983):

To write about Beltane, AS XVIII, I must first back up to this year's Twelfth Night Coronation Festival. I have been in awe of the efforts, talents, and splendor of my Shire of Esfeen and the T.N. Committee members who contributed many hours and creativity to make our "Dream Court". Our goal was to make the Twelfth Night Hall and Revel the best ever! We turned a very mundane hall into a Medieval Great Hall for several hours. As the last banners were removed, the pillars taken down, the ghosts of the decorations, the costumes, the Royalty, and the Populace lingered in the hall. I will never again be able to look at that hall, and not see it in all the beauty of that night. I wish at this time to publicly thank the committee, the Shire of Esfenn, the Royalty, and you, the populace of the West. A most heartfelt cheer for all, for making Twelfth Night what it was this year. I would love to mention all the names, but there isn't space: you know who you are.

"Why is she just now doing this?" you may ask. "It's been months since Twelfth Night." And so it has. I, Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles, have a story to relate to you. I am celebrating live, as we all should. I want everyone to know how I see life now, of its new meaning and enjoyment. For as the flowers bloomed this spring, I too came back into the mainstream of the Kingdom of the West to celebrate Beltane Coronation of Radnor and Esmirelda and a New Year (AS XVIII!), after major brain surgery. I have learned a lot about being thankful for what you have!

Beltane, what an adventure! My first tourney since Twelfth Night. When I got to Bort Meadows, it was not yet raining. The ground was muddy and wet, to be expected. However, teh grassy hills and meadow, bushes and trees with the varying shades of greens, pleased my eyes. The fragrance of the eucalyptus trees burst forth to greet me. The crisp clean air flickered across my face.

It was Beltane Coronation in the Kingdom of the West. The pavilion was set up wtih care and planning, to protect things from the rain yet to come. The small dwelling came to life as household members moved about, making up their beds and as the last candle flickered and was extinguished, everyone bundled up in their blankets and cloaks to settle down for a good night's rest. As I fell asleep, I could smell the clean fresh air, washed by the rain, I could smell the earth and all the plants and I listened to the rain gently pattering on the roof of the pavilion and dreamt of a brook and waterfall over yon hill. I relaxed and slept comfortably, waiting for morning. I delighted in being at a tourney, and not in a hospital bed!

Saturday morning was Beltane Coronation! Waking up, I heard early morning tourney sounds. You can never experience these anywhere else. The chatter of getting breakfasts ready, the clatter of pots and pans, the fire crackling, the birds chirping, frogs and toads croaking. And yet there was a quiet peacefullness in the air. IT WAS BELTANE! My early morning walk across the field to the privy took twice as long as usual. I was truly taken by the number of pavilions that had appeared overnight. As always, our little Kingdom appeared in the meadow out of nowhere. I delighted, like a child, as the mud oozed up and over my boots with each step, carefully making my way too and fro. I did not care if my boots got wet and muddy, I was at an SCA event, a big event at that! I was at Beltane Coronation!

Later that day, as His Majesty Thomas was ready to place the Crown of the West upon Radnor's head, the sun gleamed down and cast a golden glow upon our Beltane Coronation. It was as though the clouds parted and this vibrant light made all the colors shimmer. Once again, our "Dream Court" was there. A new King, by right of arms, was made! Her Majesty Trista smiled as she gave the Crown to Thomas, and soon, Esmirelda, whose ladies had placed a length of cloth at her feet, carefully placing the train of her rust-colroed surcoat upon it to protect it from the mud, smiled as she moved gracefully into her place as Queen of the West! The splendor and color of the new Royal Pavilion made a beautiful setting with the gold, red, and black coathardies of Their Majesties' Court. Her Majesty gently touched the silver fox fur trim of her surcoat and the gold color of her sleeves blended well with the overall spectrum.

And once again, the Royalty smiled as we continued the tradition of Beltane Coronation in the Kingdom of the West! As the sun went behind the clouds and the soft rain fell on my face, mixing with my tears of happiness, I was once again reminded of how great it is to be in the SCA, Inc. and having my friends be Royalty, Knights, Peers, peasants, LORDS AND LADIES all ... all of whom, with their talents, time, grace, skills, care, and honor create what we call the Knowne World.

It was Beltane Coronation! A large group gathered at our pavilion, listening and watching the rain fall, and suddenly it hailed! What an amazing thing, I thought, "It's hailing! It hailed a thundering cheer for the West, at Beltane!" What an adventure! I was happy to be there. What's a little water and mud? We kept the water ourside the pavilion, and Their Majesties, the household members and our belongings relatively dry on the inside. Sunday was not that rainy, but the ground had taken all the water it would hold. It was interesting to note the paths of the water, as it channeled across and its path was changed from all the car and boot tracks; then it flowed away as Nature decided. One simply moved about carefully and tried to keep from splashing others as they walked by. Then, later, Sunday afternoon, after Court and the knighting of Steven of Beckenham, the changing of several Kingdom officers and other Court business, we sat in the Royal Pavilion and had lunch. Suddenly, a little way from the Royal Pavilion, there was the strangest entertainment. Two brave souls decided to entertain the Royalty with mud wrestling! It was quite funny, too. As I glanced to look at His Majesty Radnor, I noticed Him smiling. Later, I found myself wondering if those two wrestlers went and washed up in the horses' trough. Only fitting, if they did.

As all the cars were slipping their way carefully through mud and water in departure, several helpful folks were spreading grass seeds around that had been given to us by the Parks Department, to replace the grass lost due to our traffic across the meadow. The results of this labor were visible at June Crown!

What a delightfully green grassy field! The rains of winter made this possible. At June Crown, the Royal Court of Their Majesties Radnor and Esmirelda was once again a colorful splendor with rich materials, fur, and smiling faces, pleasing the eyes of all. Then, we reveled late into the night, and it was as though June Crown picked up where Beltane had left off! As the tourney came to an end, once again our ghosts lingered as our little Kingdom left the meadow. Let us shout HURRAHS loud and thank the Royalty, the Kingdom Officers, the Autocrats, and all the Populace of the West, who make our events what they are! HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH! I salute the populace of the Kingdom of the West and all the participants in the SCA, Inc. for their attendance, ideals, customs, and traditions.

The rain, in the meadow, fell gently on this year's Beltane.

          -- Dierdriana of the Misty Isles

Radnor of Guildemar
Ermine, a sword inverted Or, overall
a hawk displayed, all within a bordure
dovetailed gules.
Esmirelda Dancingstar
Purpure, a shooting star bendwise
sinister Or.
Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Personal Reminisces:

"This was the lovely event I recall as "Bogtaine." There was a great deal of rain (despite it being MAY), and since it was held in the Oakland hills at the "Big Trees" site, this led to a great deal of mud. Many cars were actually trapped at the site for a while, since the mud supplied no traction. Walking across the Eric became a trial, and you risked losing your boots in the mud. Lots of folks gave up on shoes altogether and slogged through the mud barefoot, tunics kilted up over their knees. It was a personally significant event for me, since it was the event at which I auditioned (and was accepted into) Morley or Less. Bill (Wilhelm von Schlussel) and Cynthia (Cynthia FitzColleen von Schlussel) almost didn't come, but they rightly surmised that I'd be waiting for them, and be rather disamused if they didn't show up. I believe it was also the very first event that my boyfriend Randy (Randall de Matamoros) attended. What a way to start! I'm surprised he ever came back!" -- Eveline of Shoreham

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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