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The Seventeenth Year

Beltane Coronation Festival
May 8-9, 1982 (AS XVII)

From The Page (May, 1982):

The general schedule of events at Beltane will be:

(schedule omitted)

The list will be open for challenge fights and for dancing at all times during both days when no formal lists are being held. Please see announcements from officers regarding other events to be held during the tournament.

On Sunday of Beltane, Houses Auklandis and Griffinhold will be sponsoring a Treasure Tryst similar to one held a few years ago at the Duramen Prize Tourney. Teams will be comprised of five fighters. The entry fee will be $2.00 per fighter. We guarantee that the contents of the trunk will make the effort well worthwhile. Rumored to be included are splinted vambraces, gauntlets, a kinslayer basket hilt plus miscellaneous other items of interest. Sign-ups will be announced Sunday morning of Beltane.

The May Coronation Wooden Spoon Competition will be for Spinach Anything. Spinach must be a major ingredient. Be adventurous! Combine other early spring vegetables with spinach or cook it with staples from the dairy or grain categories. Remember to bring your recipe.

The Arts Championship begins at Beltane with the following competitions:

Poetry -- must be turned in and will be returned by Purgatorio.
Art -- in any medium except scrolls
Instrumental Performance -- solo or group
Open in Performing Arts -- be creative
Brewing -- wine
Cooking -- soup
Costuming -- should be modeled

Counted cross-stitchers of the Knowne World, rejoice! There is a contest just for you (yes--YOU) to be held at Beltane. Theme or motif will be your choice. Although the embroidery must be finished, the item embroidered need not be completed (i.e., pillows stuffed, clothes hemmed, etc.). The prize will be the charts for plants and medicinal herbs written by the Danish Handcraft Guild.

Have you signed with envy each time a well-known lady is abducted, and then rescued? Or perhaps wished to show your gallant heroism to the Lady you admire?

Well, we can help you! ABDUCTIONS UNLIMITED will make it's first appearance at Beltane. For a small fee, we will arrange your abduction, your lord's or lady's abduction, and, should rescue not appear forthcoming, we have fighters to show their gallant heroism.

We have specially trained experts in the field, male and female, (no discrimination here!), and we will kidnap ANYBODY!

The proceeds will go to the Chirurgeon's build. We can be found under the Blue Medics Sunshade.

Directions: (omitted)

NOTE: If by some freak chance Camp Pollock is flooded, someone will be posted at a strategic point on the way in to direct people to the backup site, which is Orangevale Park. WARNING: This site lies next to the American River, a major tributar to the Sacramento River. It is very good for swimming, but also very dangerous for small children. Please, if you can't keep an eye on them, leave them at home. NO PETS.

James Greyhelm
Per bend sinister, argent a sinister
dragon's wing erased azure, and azure
a pair of spears bendwise sinister
Verena of Laurelin
Azure, in canton a crux ansata
patty Or.
Arms by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission
Arms colored by Aja du Jardin

Description of this event (if any) taken from The Page.

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