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The Sixteenth Year

May 1, 1981 - April 30, 1982
Anno Societatis XVI
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

May, 1981
May 2Silverwolf Tourney/RevelBorealis
May 2Business MeetingWytayr
May 2-3Youth CarnivalWinter's Gate
May 2-3Anniversary TourneyThree Mountains
May 2-3Beltane Coronation FestivalKingdom of the West
May 3Bardic RevelLion's Gate
May 3Ladye's DayMadrone
May 6ErikskataGolden Rivers
May 9Business MeetingWinter's Gate
May 9InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
May 9-10Japanese FestivalCaer Lyon
May 9-10Appleblossom Tourney/FeudAppledore
May 16War of the Minds IISouthern Shores/Westermark
May 16-17May TourneyAllyshia
May 17-18Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
May 20Baronial CouncilMadrone
May 23Blackspruce May Melees/Hunt BallEskalya
May 23WilderquestWealdsmere
May 23-24Coronet TournamentPrincipality of Cynagua
May 23-25Egils TourneyAdiantum
May 30Cavalier PicnicMadrone
May 30Captaincy TourneyWinter's Gate
May 30Demonstration Tourney/Spring RevelAlia
May 30-31Cynagua AllthingGolden Rivers
June, 1981
June 6Business MeetingWinter's Gate
June 6-7Champion TourneySilver Desert
June 7DemoFetteburg
June 20-21June Crown TourneyKingdom of the West
June 25CuriaPrincipality of the Mists
June 27-28Barbarian TourneyA'Bakki
July, 1981
July 10-12InvestiturePrincipality of An Tir
July 11-12Champion TourneyWindy Meads
July 11-12Lord Defender's TourneyEskalya
July 18Fighting and Arts TourneySeagirt
July 18-19InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
July 25Anniversary Clash of ArmsSt. Andrew's
July 25-26Montegard/Lion's Gate WarLion's Gate(?)
July 26Midsummer PicnicAlia
August 1-2Border WarMyrgan Wood
August 8-9Meeting of the VinesWolfscairn
August 8-9Combination Theme TourneyFetteburg
August 15-16War Lord TourneySouthern Shores
August 22-23SummerfestWastekeep
August 22-23Purgatorio CoronationKingdom of the West
August 29Middle East RevelStromgard
August 29Lucky/MacEanruig WarProvince of the Mists
August 29-30Prize Tourney/GamesCouer du Val
September, 1981
September 5-7Coronet Tourney/First Crown TournamentPrincipality of An Tir
September 12Harvest BanquetWolfscairn
September 12Masqued BallGolden Rivers
September 12-13Open TourneyAppledore
September 12-13Barbarian TourneyThree Mountains
September 19-20Principality GamesPrincipality of the Mists
September 26-27Arts TourneyProvince of the Mists
September 27Prize QuestAlia
October, 1981
October 3-4Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
October (?)Demo Tourney and RevelAlia
October 10Ostrov Fee CollectionSt. Andrew
October 10Anniversary Revel/Feast of St. MerykWindy Meads
October 10-11Ducal Prize TourneyKingdom of the West
October 17Coronet TourneyPrincipality of the Mists
October 17-18Marshal's Autumnal Ball/TourneyWastekeep
October 23Elven RevelThree Mountains
October 24Halloween RevelProvince of the Mists
October 24DemonstrationSt. Katherine
October 31Country Picnic/All Hallows Eve RevelVinhold
October 31-November 1Valhallan Day on the GreenPrincipality of Cynagua
November, 1981
November 7Ostrov Fee CollectionSt. Andrew
November 7-8Autumn Coronet TournamentPrincipality of Cynagua
November 8CuriaPrincipality of the Mists
November 14-15Collegium NeularumProvince of the Mists
November 14-15Renaissance FestivalFallen Oak
November 14WinetastingLand Beyond the Rainbow
November 21Harvest BanquetSt. David
November 21-22InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
November 28Anniversary BanquetGolden Rivers
December, 1981
December 5Yule RevelWinter's Gate
December 5Japanese RevelThousand Isles
December 5Ostrov Yule RevelSt. Andrew's
December 12Yule RevelWolfscairn
December 31HogmanayAlia(?) St. Andrew?
January, 1982
January 2Ninth NightSt. Andrew
January 9Twelfth NightThousand Isles
January 9Twelfth Night Coronation and RevelKingdom of the West
January 16Twelfth Night (First) CoronationKingdom of An Tir
January 23Winter Feast and TourneyTarnmist
January 23-24Lord Defender's TourneyEskalya
January 30Winter Investiture and Candlemas FeastPrincipality of Cynagua
February, 1982
February 6Newcomer's EventSouthern Shores
February 6War PracticeTarnmist
February 6Games TourneyTarnmist
February 12-15Burro Creek WarKingdom of Atenveldt
February 13-14Armoring WorkshopCaldarium
February 20Faschtmacht Feast and RevelVinhold
February 20Too Late for Christmas RevelTotenwaldt
February 27Calligraphy WorkshopSouthern Shores
February 28Midwinter Feast and RevelSt. Andrew's
February 27-28LupercaliaAllyshia
March, 1982
March 6Games TourneyTarnmist
March 6Willing Wench Tavern RevelGolden Rivers
March 6St. Katherine/Teufelberg WarTeufelberg
March 13Warm-up TourneyProvince of the Mists
March 20March Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
March 27Spring Coronet TournamentPrincipality of the Mists
March 27Rapier and Dagger Prize TourneyVinhold
April, 1982
April 3April Fool Tourney/RevelWestermark/St. Andrew's
April 4Picnic and Prize ListsSt. Katherine
April 7College of BardsProvince of the Mists
April 10Anniversary Feast and TourneyTarnmist
April 17Interprovincial RevelCalderium/Vinhold/Wolfscairn
April 17Arbor Day TourneyTotenwald
April 24Spring BanquetPrincipality of the Mists
April 24Champion's TourneyWindy Meads
April 24-25Armoring WorkshopGolden Rivers
April 26Napa Spring FairVinhold

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