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The Fifteenth Year

The Meeting of the Vines - Wolfscairn-Vinhold War - Wolfscairn
August 8-9, AS XVI (1981)

From The Page (June, 1981):

In that our good neighbours of Vinhold have laboured long under the sad elusion (due no doubt to their sodden condition) that the product of their vines is superior in delights delivered and virtuous effects to our wondrously fermented hops, we of Wolfscairn have chivalrously undertaken to correct this tragic misconception in the First War of the Hop and Vine.

The site is somewhere in the Sonomoa County area. Various and sundry forms of conflict will be initiated to entwine the combatants in battle. Contests in the making (some for war points, some for prizes) include chess; cooking (unspecified grain and a product of the vine - raisin bread, etc.); brewing (mead is neutral); original drinking song (only lyrics necessary); and "best toast" (this does not mean browned raisin bread).

Call Mikhaela Straif (phone) or (for fighting information) Turold of Normandy (phone). (And remind them to get the information in to the PAGE!)

From The Page (July, 1981):

Since our last announcement, a third misguided party has emerged in the on-going debate as to which is the superior beverage. Those who prefer mead (mistakenly) no longer claim neutrality, but have elected to be a third party in this conflict.

We, the noble beer-drinkers of Wolfscairn, shall set to right the misconceptions of our besotted neighbors.

Fighting events will include a three-sided castle defense, field battles, and a triple bridge defense. Non-fighting events will include a brewing contest (mead no longer neutral), cooking (grain, grape, or honey), best toast (still not browned raisin bread), original drinking song (lyrics only). And we will further amaze, amuse, and confuse our opponents by challenging all to a three-sided chess game. Only in Wolfscairn - THREE-sided chess game!

Since a site has not been finalized (as of this message), flyers will be sent to the seneschals. For more information, Mikhaela Straif (phone) or (for fighting information) Turold of Normandy (phone).

From The Page (August, 1981):


We of Wolfscairn have chivalrously undertaken to correct the tragic misconceptions of those besodden ones who claim that our delightfully fermented hops are not in all respects superior to any other beverage alcoholic.

The various forms of conflict include a triple bridge fight, castle defenses, and field battles, Non-fighting events: chess, cooking, brewing, original drinking song; and "best toast".

The site is the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center at Two Rock near Petaluma CA. (directions omitted).

For more information: Mikhaela Straif (contact info omitted) or Trelaine (contact info omitted).


To the Populace of the Kingdom of the West, and of the Shire of Wolfscairn

For the past few months, we of Vinhold have sat peacably by and watched the developments surrounding the Meeting of the Vines. Eagerly awaiting our chance to prove the virtues of wine, we were amazed to find a third faction girding for war!

By "right" of the fact that Windy Meads has thrice soundly defeated Wolfscairn, the Cynaguan Province (sic) has declared a 'protectorate' covering the Shire of Wolfscairn. This blatant imperialism has offended many and forced those of us in freedom-loving Vinhold to establish the temporary Ward of Wolfscairn. The purpose of which shall be to free the people of that Shire from Cynaguan slavery.

As you gird for war, remember, if you fight against Vinhold, you fight for freedom from foreign control.

For more information: Patrick O'Dyre (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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