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The Sixteenth Year

Country Picnic/All Hallows Eve -- Vinhold
Wine Tasting & Country Feast -- Vinhold

October 31, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (October, 1971):

Vinhold will be holding a Country Picnic at one of the local wineries the afternoon of October 31. As King Steingrim has expressed the desire that the Vesper Herald have a tabard designed and constructed in the manner of those worn by heralds in the Middle Ages, Vinhold will be asking a donation of $5.00 to pay for the materials for said tabard. The menu is as yet undecided, but will surely be a feast for palate and eye. Reservations are required and may be obtained by sending $5.00 to Merewyn de Lyonesse (contact info omitted), by October 28. Exact location and time will be in a flyer that will be going out to all Seneschals in Mid-September. Join us for a genteel afternoon in the country as you support a worthy cause.

Following the Picnic will be an All Hallows Eve Revel (open to all, without fee). Location to be announced. Current plans include bobbing for apples, Blind-Man's Bluff, Pin-the-tail-on-the-Cat, Hallowe'en caroling, dancing, contests for Best Costume, Worst Costume, Best Mask. If you always wanted to be a hobbit, a wild one from the woods, Richard LionHeart, this is your chance!

From The Page (November, 1971):

[Note the event name/description change from the previous month -- Hirsch]


His Majesty, King Steingrim, has asked that the Vesper Herald be provided with a suitable tabard, such as were worn by Medieval heralds. Vinhold is sponsoring this project and invites you to celebrate All Hallows Eve in style and help support a worthy project.

The Plan: Everyone meets at Domaine Chandon at 10:45 for a special tour. You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about how champagne is made and will get a chance to taste the results ($2.12 a glass), complete with snacks.

We then proceed up the Valley to Christian Bros. winery for another complete guided tour at 1:15. (Both wineries have been told that we'll be in costume and they think it'll be great!)

Back down the Valley to the City Park in Yountville for our Country Feast. Vinhold is asking a $5.00 donation for the picnic. The money will go toward the making of the Vesper Herald's tabard. Planned activities include dancing, fencing (bring your own equipment) and various games. Many will be the delicacies to tempt you, including onion tart, honey-saffron quiche, spiced pears, smalle byrdes, sallat, manchet and good cheeses. We ask only that you provide your own utensils and liquids (after visiting two great wineries that shouldn't be too hard).

At 7:30, the revel will commence at a site to be announced at the picnic, or if you only want to come to the revel and not the afternoon activities, call Merewyn at (phone) for directions a couple of days ahead. This is your big chance to be Robin Hood or an orc! Send picnic reservations by October 28 to Merewyn de Lyonesse (contact info omitted). Make checks payable to the Shire of Vinhold.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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