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The Sixteenth Year

Japanese Revel -- Thousand Isles
December 5, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Sounding (January, 1982):


King Steingrim was met at the plane by a group who presented him with an Alaskan Eskimo yoyo in a style reminiscent of much warmer islands. The group then proceded to Valley Keep where there were general introductions and visiting until time to leave for the Japanese Revel. There were over 25 people present at this event. The costumes were colorful, the food quite good, the contests fun, and the kissing auction was profitable ... we raised enough money to buy a helm that the King had brought with him. The Thousand Isles experienced its first regal Court. We presented him with two finely crafted pairs of chop sticks, in keeping with the theme of the event, and the royal couple's heraldic devices magnificently wrought in stained glass. His Majesty in regla splender presented four humble subjects the awards noted below for service to the Crown. After court a bardic was held where the people not in Japanese costume had to explain their presence in the area. There were some very tall tales told that evening.

Sunday Afternoon His Majesty held a Fighting Practice/Demo where he gave each fighter individual attention and pleased the crowd greatly by killing everyone who tried to approach him. It appears that young Brownthorn was the only one landing a deathblow to him; but that was with a boffer.

That evening the officers gathered at Valley Keep for an officers meeting cum banquet prepared by Lord Rodbert Cospatrick consisting of roast venison, salmon, and Canadian Goose with rice stuffing, Scot Eggs, potatoes, corn, rolls, salad and assorted condiments. The eating continued for many hours and the meeting well into the night.

Monday evening at the regular meeting at Glacier Valley School there was an open discussion where King Steingrim answered any questions. The flavor of the discussion was definitely world-wide military history. After the meeting a tour was mounted to show our visitor the local drinking establishments.

On Tuesday evening his Majesty conducted an armoring workshop at Valley Keep where a number of people got a good start on constructing their own armor ... having good samples of how pieces are constructed was most enlightening.

And so it was that on Wednesday evening, amid fond farewells, he sailed away to visit Winter's Gate and Wizards Keep. Sigh. We did extract a promise of his return next year.

We received a number of awards with the visit of King Steingrim:

Award of Arms:

Lady Dierdriana Elspeth of Mindanell
Lord Terrence Phillip Exeter du Bordou
Lord Rodbert Cospatrick

Leaf of Merit:

Lady Elaine Cosptrick, O.L.M.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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