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The Sixteenth Year

Anniversary Clash of Arms - Vinhold vs. St. Andrew et al -- St. Andrew
July 25, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (July, 1981):

WE, the Province of St. Andrew, so dedicated to the peaceful arts that we must hire Mercenaries when we launch an invasion, beseech the aid of all able bodied men-at-arms. The outcome of last year's Invasion of the Shire by the Province proved so nearly inconclusive that we shall be met again upon the same field. We therefore require of all Mercenaries their stout hearts, their loyal swords, and their courteous honor - at the usual consideration.

Non-combatants, Attend! Games, Skills and Arts shall be pitted throughout the day and evening for War Points!

Attacking for the Shire of Vinhold, contact: Anthony the Sinister, Knight Marshal (contact info omitted); or Geoffrey of Griffinhold, Seneschal (contact info omitted).
Defending the Province of St. Andrew, contact: Lucien the Archer, Seneschal (contact info omitted); or Kallun of Tybermonde, Knight Marshal (contact info omitted).
Games for Vinhold: Vilhelm von Messer, Pursuivant (contact info omitted).
Games for St. Andrew: Knickolas Major, Pursuivant (contact info omitted).
Arts and Skills, Vinhold: Elspeth Schnee-Flame, Mistress of Arts (phone).
Arts and Skills, St. Andrew: Julia des Grenades, Mistress of Arts (contact info omitted).
Those seeking neutral counsel: Lady Mariposa de los Montoyas, Principality Mistress of Arts, our gracious judge (contact info omitted).
Setup 9:00am East Meadow, Stern Grove Park (address omitted).
Teardown and Break 5:00 pm. Reassembly and Arts Competition Revel 6:30 pm at the Stronghold (address omitted). Dining to commence immediately after the Cookery Competition at 8:00 pm. "Let Rivalry and Merriment Reign!"

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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