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The Sixteenth Year

Purgatorio Coronation
August 22-23, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (July, 1981):

The Barony of Allyshia will again host the Purgatorio Coronation Festival at the Freshwater Valley Stables (this is the same site as before). There is water (somewhat limited supply), a store nearby, and no poison oak. We ask that there be no open fires, please. Set-up begins at 4 pm Friday. Allyshia can guarantee cool weather, so thin-blooded folk from southern climes should be prepared. The usual Allyshian activities are planned in addition to the Coronation. There will be a stag hunt (bring blunts and light bows) and a unicorn hunt (bring cookies and recipe). A quest is also in the planning stage.

Within our Current Middle Ages there is a great interest in the Middle East, the Land of the Infidel. The Wooden Spoon Competition at Purgatorio will be Arabian or other Middle Eastern dishes. Remember to include your recipe.

Connoisseurs of Middle Eastern Food unite! Bring your purses and your appetites - the judgeships will be auctioned for the benefit of the Order of the Wooden Spoon.

A generally accepted definition of a Pandy Bat is a weapon, the use of which is more often destructive of teh wielder than of the victim.

There will be a Pandy Bat Competition at Purgatorio in August. A panel of judges will be selected to examine all entries and decide which entry is the most "useless" or "useful". Following the judging, there will be a melee in which the efficacy of the Pandy Bats will be proved.

The Order of Arachne's Web will hold a lace auction at the Purgatorio Coronation Festival. Now is the time for all good webbers to come to the aid of the Order. If you have a piece of lace, of your own making or not, please contact Ella du Vergne (phone).

At the October Crown Tournament, the order will be sponsoring a contest of lace for use on or as a costume accessory.

The Arts Championship competitions for Purgatorio are as follows: Fine Arts Division - Calligraphy (may be a scroll), Illumination (artwork in any medium designed to enhance or decorate a text; may be a scroll); Performing Arts Division - Dramatic Performance (includes oral interpretation as well as drama), Vocal Performance (please keep your entry under four minutes); Technical Arts Division - Metalwork (Armor), Metalwork (Jewelry), Open Category (any technical art that does not fit under another category).

Remember, if you cannot be present at Purgatorio, send your entry with a friend or mail it to me prior to the tourney. If you have any questions, contact Freydis Tollefsdottir (contact info omitted).

A Jay Witcher Celtic Harp is being raffeled off at Purgatorio. The harp comes with a pitch pipe and instruction book. FOr tickets by mail, send $1.00 for each ticket to: Tamsin of the Raven Tresses (contact info omitted).

Directions: (omitted)

For further information: Baron FfellyanDrac (contact info omitted).

"Held up in the Eureka area.

"I remember that one of the courts of Steingrim was interrupted by the shout of "Fire"! Several people moved toward the problem and extinguished the blaze with only one pavilion being singed. (It was an unattended cooking fire that caused the problem.) This was before our Kingdom laws regarding fire safety ....

"I was standing next to Geoffrey of Griffenhold at the time. He, having been a department of forestry fire fighter, was moving immediately to handle the situation. And I do mean immediately. I think he was at a dead run before the call had finished." -- Vlasta Ulveüs

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Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari
Paly of six Or and sable, a fess
Lenora di Felicie
Gules, a goblet Or and a chief triangular
Or goutty de sang.
Steingrim's Arms drawn by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield
Steingrim's Arms colored by Evaine ni MacGregor
Lenora's Arms drawn by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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